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Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
Published on May 23rd, 2007 @ 13:13:29 , using 409 words, 1249 views
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Well I have been very busy since my last blog a coupla weeks ago.
hit below link and see my work now at MOWA Museum Of Weird Art go to gallery and click on my name to see my recent works of weird art it's a great site and thanks to all at MOWA for including me in the weird world of art.

I also scored a job up in Alice Springs/NT as a Community Youth Worker Iam very excited about this, possible start date will be 11 June so I have sooo much organising to do and so little time. I will ride my hog to the alice with Annie on the back. (see image below)and the link below will tell a little about where I might be based and the issues I will face as a youth worker in the outback it will be very harsh out there and a great challenge.

and the best news Annie is back from her vacation to Antartica she went missing after diving with the whales 12 weeks ago I haven't been able to function properly being so worried about her. Iam picking her up from Adelaide Airport tomorrow night and I can't wait to see her. Will keep you posted on all her adventures.

I have a new exhibition on show at the famous ArtsNorth Gallery titled 7 Deadly Sins my interpritation, the show runs for one month and is open daily 9am to 4pm 7 Judd Road Elizabeth the heart of raw art the concrete urban jungle, where only the strong survive.

Been fasinated by pigs since doing Gluttony one of the 7 sins so I did a photoshoot see images below.

Lastly I bought 12 full size Manniquins from an op shop last week got the lot for $35 bucks as the shop was closing down. So I have great plans for a new series but will have to transport them to the Alice. Will ask Annie when I see her tomorrow if she wants to do a road trip to get there. It would be a lot of fun as Annie is probably the best driverI have ever had the pleasure of driving with, she's drives like a skater on ice that has never skated before she really is awesome.

Ok stay tuned lots happening at the moment.


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