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imanpa update

imanpa update

Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
Published on June 24th, 2007 @ 12:17:22 , using 174 words, 1320 views
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well having a wild time so far in the outback so much to learn and experience iam in my 12 day now clocked up over 2000 km in the new 4 wheel drive v8 trooper. seen so many sights while getting finding my way around outback australia went to ayres rock thursday for a job to do along the way photographing road kill while the beautiful powerful eagles eat the remains, then a few wild brumby horses crossed the stuart highway so went of road and chased them into the bush, seen dingos, roos cows wandering the outback in search of food. today i took the local imanpa netball team to there game 4 hours away where a white camel wandered onto the field and 50 dogs great stuff.

i miss my annie out here but she may be in alice springs soon as she has applied for some jobs so as we can be together once again.

ok stay tuned for steve os outback adventures what a wild fucken ride this is hope i last in the job.

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