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Steve O the Outback Warrior

Steve O the Outback Warrior

Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
Published on July 9th, 2007 @ 03:47:44 , using 335 words, 1269 views
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Well still waiting on our lap top commputers and net access so i can do my daily blog updates, so much to share and talk about I also have some amazing photos to include taken around 200 shots so far mostly road kill ?

Just at the Ebenzer roadhouse this morning 10 km from Imanpa checking my email on the pay per minute net machine it certainly is hungry only eats brass coins.

well this week I have been backup ambulance driver to a double road crash fatality, not the road kill I wanted to see, made me realise that once your dead there is no more hello's or goodbyes no more beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the outback, nothing it ends there, I relise now that my life is very presious and I will enjoy every minute of air time I have left in me, life really is harsh and wonderful all in the same breath. Its so true, to love as if you have never been hurt, dance like no one is watching, and make time to redeem things that can be redeemed in your life.

My fellow mission workers are a great bunch of characters there's Angie at Imanpa, Shelley and Be at Multijulu, Anthony and Jillian at Docker River, Adam and Noreen at Fink then theres our team leader Peter, outreach support team Della and Rob, Daniella, Charles, Deb and lastly Erica the admin PA to Peter.

My Annie is coming up next week so Iam very excited about that hope she loves the sea breeze running through her long hair and a great view of the ocean. Will show her how to cook in the hot sand and catch fish with my bare hands. We can sleep in a hamock between two palm trees and sip champayne while the sun goes down.

We will have a wild adventure annie loves collecting sea shells and sunbaking nude in the sea weed.

ok times up until next time live life like there is no tomorrow.

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