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Annie in Imanpa

Annie in Imanpa

Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
Published on September 7th, 2007 @ 03:24:26 , using 404 words, 2162 views
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Well Annie has been and gone i feel so sad we had an amazing time together in Imanpa. We went surfing in the red sand, annie did a coupla back flips of the cliffs and went missing for a few hours but i did find her at the bottom of the cliff i threw her a rope and pulled her back up the rocky razor sharp cliff face. she had a few deep cuts on her back but we got them stitched up. After the sand hills we went diving in the water holes that was beautiful the water was crystal clear and full of crocs and mosquitos, we had a picnic on the roadside and watched and waved to all the road trains as they went speeding bye, they tooted there horns and told us to get off the fucken road, we just smiled into each others sandy eyes i could just see her through the dust it was very special time. At night we went up the top of the water tower and watched the sun go down. Annie pointed to the bright stars and tried to touch one as she leaned out i asked her to hold that position while i took a photo but her wrists are week and she let go of the railing and fell to the bottom i got a great snap as she landed she had a beautiful smile on her face as she lay in the hot red sand. I rushed down the bottom to help her up and she just moaned in pain and told me it was worth the fall just to catch a star.

Well 2 days at imanpa was all Annie could handle otherwise she told me she would never want to leave. So I loaded up the troopy with Annies 8 suitcases and took her to the Yulura airport it was a quiet 2 hour trip Annie did not say a word all the way there she was just reflecting on our incredible time together, silence when your with some one you love is the ultimate sign of affection, we didn't need to talk all annies cuts, bruises and stiches said it all. we got to the airport and just held each other and cried for hours then one last kiss and she flew back to Adealide.

Until we meet again Annie I sure miss you Imanpa is not the same without you.

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