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ouCH I have been bitten by a RED thing

ouCH I have been bitten by a RED thing

Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
Published on October 28th, 2007 @ 06:46:08 , using 147 words, 1475 views
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Well I got bitten Sunday by a Red Back spider at Imanpa while at work and have just been air lifted to the Alice Springs hospital been on a drip for 5 days and in lots of pain as I have Cellulitist. Didn't know a little RED Spider could cause so much damage. Iam on the mend now after being pumped with lots of penicillin into my body to fight the infection, have to keep my leg elevated and stay off it as the swelling was very bad, almost had to have my right leg where the bite is amputated at the groin, would not have been best pleased about that. But all is on track for a full recovery and I should be back running the Imanpa marathon real soon.

still lovin the outback.

Stay tuned for some red hot photos of my spider attack at Imanpa.

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