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What a Wild time it has been

What a Wild time it has been

Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
Published on May 12th, 2008 @ 14:56:44 , using 501 words, 1231 views
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Well been outback now 11 months today which is also mothers day. I sent mum some flowers.
so much has happened in this the hardest year of my life yet, also the most challenging and rewarding. dead dad in december he died suddenly that hurt but i do have some of his ashes that mum sent upto me and i have buried those in the Imanpa red dirt at the back of my house it is a place i can go to and say the things i did not get a chance to say to him while alive, I split up with my Annie that has been hard as I Know we still love each other, I was airlifted out again with a serious infection in my leg i did 7 days on a drip in the alice hospital and 2 week recovery in Adelaide that is the second time i have been evacuated from Imanpa, the environment is so tough out here iam constantly feeling sick, I got food poisoning last week at 2am in the morning had to ride it out for hours as the nurse was on leave, I sometimes get lonely, I miss my son, I miss normal, being able to go get a DVD and a pizza, catch a movie, go the beach, going for a walk along the river.

But what you don't get anyware else in the world is the amazing sunrises and sunsets, the wild animals crossing the highway at radom, packs of camels, wild brumbie horses, majestic powerful wedge tail eagles feasting on road kill, kangaroos by the hundreds, snakes and goannas, beauitiful bird life, the thorney devil lizards, hundreds of cows searching for food and water, millions of tourist heading by the bus loads to the incredible Ayres rock, i get to see on a dialy basis the imanpa artists sitting in the red dirt doing tradional dot paintings and wood carvings and the most rewarding is to see the beautiful smiles of the Imanpa children doing it so tough in the outback their smiles are like a sunset all on there own. come to think of it I don't want to be anyware else just yet, there is still more of GOD'S work to be done

I went to the Gold Coast for 10 days met my son and two mates up there it was a wild time so good to be near the water everyday.

At Imanpa I have become Bumbleb cultrual father to Xavier, Team Leader, and surragote parent to many of the disadvantaged youth out here, i have a welding shop, gymnasiam,art and junk art programs running on a daily bases.

Shine on a crazy diamond only the strong survive out here I have 2 years of my contract to run, rock on, I will stay strong. I have read two things this week that I would like to share here they are:

"Everyone dies but not everyone lives"

accredo - "to accept whole heartedly and believe unconditionally"

till next time :)

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