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River of Life - Forrest of Dreams

River of Life - Forrest of Dreams

Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
Published on October 21st, 2009 @ 07:11:35 , using 380 words, 1694 views
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While I was out taking my nephew and two neices Kayla and Paris to the swing park last Thursday we went via a creek to get there my 8 year nephew TJ started to tell me a story as we neared the creek.

As he held my hand and we were walking close to the creek he said uncle Steve legend has it that the creek was called River of  Life I asked TJ why is that, he said that a sick man who had cuts all over his body entered the creek bathed in the water and when he came out he was cured, all his cuts had gone away wow I said thats amazing. Then as we went a little further he said uncle Steve see that forrest of trees over there legend has it that its called the Forrest of Dreams, again I asked him why is that, he said if you go into the forrest and make a dream you will be portelled into that dream and your dream will come true, again I said wow what a great story. We got to the swing park and played on the swinng sets TJ said uncle Steve if I had a dream where would I be portelled to, mmm I had to think about it for awhile.

I asked TJ if I was portelled into my dream would I be able to be portelled back again he said of course you would, so I said I would like to be just for now helping Santa in the north pole wrap all the kids presents so he is ready for christmas day when his slay will be full. TJ asked if I would wrap his and his sisters presents and what would they be getting, I said its a surprise and you will have to wait till santa delivers their gifts and that they had to be good kids until christmas day TJ said Iam excited now and can’t wait to see what santa will bring and I will be very good.

When I got back home I thought to myself what an inspiring walk it was with TJ and his sisters hes a very insightful 8 year old boy with a fantastic imagination, rock on TJ your a blessing.


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