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Recent Feel Good Feedback from Around the World

Recent Feel Good Feedback from Around the World

Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
Published on April 12th, 2010 @ 13:37:36 , using 1820 words, 2284 views
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Hello Steve,
Jenny here,

I had a good time reading some of your old blogs, you are a very astute writer. You express yourself really well, its so interesting it makes me wanna read more and more lol.

Dear Steve

I am “on the scrounge” ! I am in Yorkshire, England, and arranging a free community event - a Junk Sculpture Day in Harrogate. I am looking for pictures to put on my advertising leaflet to show people examples of what is possible - we have something already but I’d like a few more. I wondered if you were able or willing to release any of the pictures from your website, because I think they will be a good inspiration for people here deciding what to do, and getting some materials together.

 Many thanks,

Angela Clough

How amazingly brilliant are you, Steve!! Thanks so much for your lovely images - they will be an inspiration. I’ll let you know if anyone looks like becoming a real artist on 12 June.


hi steve, came accross your so cool website surfing around for trash art for inspiration.been collecting every piece of rubish possible at home, set up my garage and urging to get started with no idea how just yet..
thanks for the inspiring website, I’d love to put my pieces on your website one day!

you’re my new hero!

thank youu so much for your mentoring, your collages are fuun and cool and so creative….

inspired debbie


Angela Clough

What do you think? If you are willing to let us use any pictures and email them to me we will all in Harrogate be VERY DELIGHTED AND GRATEFUL TO YOU!

You made my day with these images,I want you to keep in touch. We will
have a show for you once we get up and moving again.
keep in mind we love you.
And drop Marina a note to say hello or I will put a bullet in you next
time your in New York, Nothing fatal but one that will make it tough to
sit for a while.
On a side note go see Crazy heart the movie with Jeff Bridges
Your friend

Dearest Steve

monkdogz urban art


and our</strong></strong>


New York

It’s lovely to hear from you and your news….I did have a look at the photos you sent Bob. The children seem delightful, they are lucky to have you there to guide them into responsible adulthood.

Bob and I have very good memories of our inaugural show and we do talk about you a lot. We kept the photo of you at the world trade center in the back office of the gallery and I am sure that it will be hanging up in another space in Chelsea soon.

Thanks for being a part of the Haiti Art Fund project. We’ll look forward to seeing the work.

In the meantime, take care and chat soon.



Mowa - Museum Of Weird Art

Hi Steve,

We’ve put your documentary on the frontpage of Mowa

Hope you like it !

If you have new works that we can share in your gallery on Mowa, just drop us an email.

Keep up the good work,


I just came across your website and am really digging your idea of turning
junk into art!

I run The Arcade Magazine with my partner Luis Roldan Torquemada, and
we are always looking for interesting Artists, Musicians and Designers to
feature. All Articles are published in English and Spanish.

We would love to write an article about your work!
If this is of interest to you please contact me on this email adress.

I look forward to your reply!

Kind Regards,
Roxanne Sancto

…Only those who attempt the impossible, will achieve the absurd…

The Arcade Magazine Team

Hello Stephen,

We are really excited to have you on board!
First off, we are all dying to know how the Junk Art started? What was one
of your first projects and what inspired you to take it further?
Tell us a bit more about the Time Machine? What is it made up of? And if
you could actually travel to the future - what would you change?
The Torcher Art Sculpture- Very gloomy. What inspired this and what kind of
people have been drawn to it?

Your paintings are rather interesting as well - I especially notice a style when
it comes to the breasts and faces, bordering innocent to demonic. Was this
intended for the Mars series only, or can this style be found back in most of
your paintings?

If you could answer these questions and get them back to me asap that would be great.
If you have any more pieces you would like us to post next to the ones we will pull
from your site please send them through.
If you are ever interested in writing something for us, we’d be delighted!

This involves no cost from your side, however we do ask for referals if you have any-
any other interesting artists or musician folk you know of, let us know!

We look forward to your reply,

Kind Regards
Roxanne Sancto

Hi Steve,my name is Jason and I have been dabbling in steel sculpture for about 2 years now,as you know its amazing fun and cleans the environment as well.I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your work and I particular like lawnmower man. Great website by the way very inspiring,I would like to do the same myself soon as I have a few pieces to put on the market for the first time,I am a bit nervous as I am a bit new to this art form.

Cheers mate.Jason dobson.

Hey thanks for the reply mate,I live in rockhampton qld,I work as a mental health nurse and I am 42 yo.I love all forms of music and have a paticular fondness for Brit metal , iron maiden ,def leppard,and Nordic metal bands , e.g. Nightwish ect.I play drums and guitar and this tends to influence my artwork a bit. I will send you some photos you have any tips on how to price the pieces as I am not in it for the money but some returns would be cover costs.

Cheers Jason.

Hello Steve,

A year or so ago we met when you visited the Gallery.I kept you in mind for any project involvement- and thought this project would be ideal to showcase your talents.I have enclosed some photos from the workshops of some of the BBQ’a that were made.

I am wondering if you would be interested in exhibiting with us next May as part of this project.

The idea is to construct a sculptural BBQ. I have attached an outline of the project that hopefully explains further the objective of the project.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards

Susie Chapman

Gallery Co-Director

Rural City of Murray Bridge

Hello Steve,

Thanks for getting back.

Love the BBQ!

The renovations are looking amazing.

The new Gallery and shop will certainly promote Murray Bridge as one of the best Regional galleries in the State.

Most men only had time to make a start on the BBQ’s and are finishing them off in their sheds over the next month.

I have attached some other photos of works made in these workshops.

It proved to be a nice mixing of men and talents.

I have counted you in for the exhibition.

We are thrilled to have you involved.

Next year is the Regional Centre for Culture, a year long arts ‘festival’ that is awarded biannually to a Regional City.

The Murray Bridge festival has been named ‘Ripples’.

This programme provides an exciting opportunity for local artists to showcase their talents and form partnerships and connections with other major leading agents. Country Arts is the major lead agency in facilitating this programme and its primary focus is to involve local artists and community and provide a legacy post ‘Ripples’.

As a result they are planning to have all the BBQ’s operational as a major feature in the opening launch of ‘Ripples’.

The BBQ’s will then be the launched as the Gallery’s feature opening exhibition for the re-launch of the Regional Gallery. there is no limit on size- only door width.

I am also hoping to obtain further funding to produce a book/ catalogue that will document the BBQ’s and their makers.

I am hoping to get Mark Thompson to collate this as he has produced a similar coffee table book on the subject.

We will be advised early January if we are successful.

Hope this provides a it more insight.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you require further information.

Keep up the good work.


Susie Chapman

Gallery Co-Director

Rural City of Murray Bridge

Linda Oatway

“I have looked at some of your art on the internet, and I think it is great.
You must have an interesting life.”

Hey Steve, thanks for sharing your work with me…Funny how life does its thing at times since I seen you I have thought about what you may have done and learnt while with our indigenous brothers re healing ect…? which led me to thinking of another guy I know named Paul who I had a couple of energy healing sessions with after surgery a year or so ago. Paul works with aboriginal energy even though I am not sure how much of that he would claim, he’s a gentle energy with a good sense of humour all round good guy spends alot of his free time at his shack up the river. Where am I going with this! I felt maybe you guys should meet as maybe you have something to share with each other ,though what I am not sure so I have steared him to your website. Who knows maybe nothing…Let go and let God hey!

Enjoy makin art and until next time, peace and love Lynn.

New movie on my front page

I watched it all and have been thoroughly entertained!

The background music selections are an absolute hit supporting each scene, comment and piece in perfect harmony.

Absolutely love the commentary about being scared living in the Church, saying that you are absolutely terrified and won’t be there much longer, the very next frame you say that you absolutely love it there and are even giving up the chance of a gig in Holland to stay put! Juxtapose City here you come……

Love the brutal slaying of the head in the garden, sorry to hear about was it Brian, whose wife left him and took the 3 kids?

‘Dead Dad’s Ashes’ Art, well that’s truly only for viewing and understanding by the very, very disturbed!

Question – any reason that on the opening the spelling is ‘Artiste’? Is that for effect? Or is that cos neither of you can seriously spell? Are you now a would be Frenchman?

Anyways, sterling job, it’s not too long and the editing job Shannell has done is very tidy and befits a man who really should give this field of work his full undivided attention cos he’s good.

Tops marks

Jolly Roger



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