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Time Travellers

Time Travellers

Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
Published on April 13th, 2010 @ 03:25:28 , using 254 words, 1734 views
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THE JUNK TIME MACHINE - is made from found objects including car parts, computer parts, cieling fan, plastic toys, motorbike parts, umbrella, kitchen utensils to name a few. recycled and re-incarnated into an art work that actually works ………. 

The Time Machine is an incredible machine, built in 2002 to change a few things I had done in my past that NO therapist/shrink could fix. You can ride into the furture or back to the future.  Come for an amazing ride at the speed of sound you will astounded, hold on its going to be Wild Wild Ride……

Hit the below link to see some of my fellow Time Travellers and where the journey took them.

OPERATING ISTRUCTIONS (Ride at your own risk, I am not responsible for the outcome)

1 Get on board

2 Put helmet and seat belt on

3 Set time clock to year and time

4 Set controls, speed pressure and co-ordinates

5 Put goggles on

6 Turn the key, put hands on steering wheel, let the flux capacitator build up   pressure 

7 Close your eyes & off you go yeah ha 

8 Take your mind back to the event.  See it, feel it, live it and change it.

9 Once you have felt and seen the change in your mind, come back to the present.  You will feel possibly exhausted, shaky, sweaty, short of breath, crying or happy.

10 Sit for awhile until you are ready to get off.  Reset the clock to present time and year.  Your new journey has begun.

Dimensions for Time Machine H290 x W160 x D210 cm

Price on application

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