Reincarnating junk as art..

Test Blog

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Well it’s been such a long time since I blogged so just testing my page out to see if this blog posts

Where Have I Been ?

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Wow nearly one whole year since I have posted a blog ? Surely I have been doing stuff ok I made a Junk Harley check it out





Shopping Kart

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Hey check out my new shopping kart maybe even buy something before my Art is all gone ….



Blokes & their BBQs Exhibition

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Below link to my most recent group exhibition at the Regional Gallery Murray Bridge South Australia.

Humanitarian International Arts Project to raise funds for the people of Haiti

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Below link,  image number 123 is the art work I donated and which sold at auction by the Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery in New York  to raise funds for the people of Haiti.

 The total raised so far US $3,500

The link also shows the works of 130 artist from around the world who donated art works to the cause.

Below link to a list of Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery in New York City - Exhibitions, where I exhibited twice in 2006 at the Inaugural Show and Came to Believe show in September 2006.


Time Travellers

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THE JUNK TIME MACHINE - is made from found objects including car parts, computer parts, cieling fan, plastic toys, motorbike parts, umbrella, kitchen utensils to name a few. recycled and re-incarnated into an art work that actually works ………. 

The Time Machine is an incredible machine, built in 2002 to change a few things I had done in my past that NO therapist/shrink could fix. You can ride into the furture or back to the future.  Come for an amazing ride at the speed of sound you will astounded, hold on its going to be Wild Wild Ride……

Hit the below link to see some of my fellow Time Travellers and where the journey took them.

OPERATING ISTRUCTIONS (Ride at your own risk, I am not responsible for the outcome)

1 Get on board

2 Put helmet and seat belt on

3 Set time clock to year and time

4 Set controls, speed pressure and co-ordinates

5 Put goggles on

6 Turn the key, put hands on steering wheel, let the flux capacitator build up   pressure 

7 Close your eyes & off you go yeah ha 

8 Take your mind back to the event.  See it, feel it, live it and change it.

9 Once you have felt and seen the change in your mind, come back to the present.  You will feel possibly exhausted, shaky, sweaty, short of breath, crying or happy.

10 Sit for awhile until you are ready to get off.  Reset the clock to present time and year.  Your new journey has begun.

Dimensions for Time Machine H290 x W160 x D210 cm

Price on application

Recent Feel Good Feedback from Around the World

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Hello Steve,
Jenny here,

I had a good time reading some of your old blogs, you are a very astute writer. You express yourself really well, its so interesting it makes me wanna read more and more lol.

Dear Steve

I am “on the scrounge” ! I am in Yorkshire, England, and arranging a free community event - a Junk Sculpture Day in Harrogate. I am looking for pictures to put on my advertising leaflet to show people examples of what is possible - we have something already but I’d like a few more. I wondered if you were able or willing to release any of the pictures from your website, because I think they will be a good inspiration for people here deciding what to do, and getting some materials together.

 Many thanks,

Angela Clough

How amazingly brilliant are you, Steve!! Thanks so much for your lovely images - they will be an inspiration. I’ll let you know if anyone looks like becoming a real artist on 12 June.


hi steve, came accross your so cool website surfing around for trash art for inspiration.been collecting every piece of rubish possible at home, set up my garage and urging to get started with no idea how just yet..
thanks for the inspiring website, I’d love to put my pieces on your website one day!

you’re my new hero!

thank youu so much for your mentoring, your collages are fuun and cool and so creative….

inspired debbie


Angela Clough

What do you think? If you are willing to let us use any pictures and email them to me we will all in Harrogate be VERY DELIGHTED AND GRATEFUL TO YOU!

You made my day with these images,I want you to keep in touch. We will
have a show for you once we get up and moving again.
keep in mind we love you.
And drop Marina a note to say hello or I will put a bullet in you next
time your in New York, Nothing fatal but one that will make it tough to
sit for a while.
On a side note go see Crazy heart the movie with Jeff Bridges
Your friend

Dearest Steve

monkdogz urban art


and our</strong></strong>


New York

It’s lovely to hear from you and your news….I did have a look at the photos you sent Bob. The children seem delightful, they are lucky to have you there to guide them into responsible adulthood.

Bob and I have very good memories of our inaugural show and we do talk about you a lot. We kept the photo of you at the world trade center in the back office of the gallery and I am sure that it will be hanging up in another space in Chelsea soon.

Thanks for being a part of the Haiti Art Fund project. We’ll look forward to seeing the work.

In the meantime, take care and chat soon.



Mowa - Museum Of Weird Art

Hi Steve,

We’ve put your documentary on the frontpage of Mowa

Hope you like it !

If you have new works that we can share in your gallery on Mowa, just drop us an email.

Keep up the good work,


I just came across your website and am really digging your idea of turning
junk into art!

I run The Arcade Magazine with my partner Luis Roldan Torquemada, and
we are always looking for interesting Artists, Musicians and Designers to
feature. All Articles are published in English and Spanish.

We would love to write an article about your work!
If this is of interest to you please contact me on this email adress.

I look forward to your reply!

Kind Regards,
Roxanne Sancto

…Only those who attempt the impossible, will achieve the absurd…

The Arcade Magazine Team

Hello Stephen,

We are really excited to have you on board!
First off, we are all dying to know how the Junk Art started? What was one
of your first projects and what inspired you to take it further?
Tell us a bit more about the Time Machine? What is it made up of? And if
you could actually travel to the future - what would you change?
The Torcher Art Sculpture- Very gloomy. What inspired this and what kind of
people have been drawn to it?

Your paintings are rather interesting as well - I especially notice a style when
it comes to the breasts and faces, bordering innocent to demonic. Was this
intended for the Mars series only, or can this style be found back in most of
your paintings?

If you could answer these questions and get them back to me asap that would be great.
If you have any more pieces you would like us to post next to the ones we will pull
from your site please send them through.
If you are ever interested in writing something for us, we’d be delighted!

This involves no cost from your side, however we do ask for referals if you have any-
any other interesting artists or musician folk you know of, let us know!

We look forward to your reply,

Kind Regards
Roxanne Sancto

Hi Steve,my name is Jason and I have been dabbling in steel sculpture for about 2 years now,as you know its amazing fun and cleans the environment as well.I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your work and I particular like lawnmower man. Great website by the way very inspiring,I would like to do the same myself soon as I have a few pieces to put on the market for the first time,I am a bit nervous as I am a bit new to this art form.

Cheers mate.Jason dobson.

Hey thanks for the reply mate,I live in rockhampton qld,I work as a mental health nurse and I am 42 yo.I love all forms of music and have a paticular fondness for Brit metal , iron maiden ,def leppard,and Nordic metal bands , e.g. Nightwish ect.I play drums and guitar and this tends to influence my artwork a bit. I will send you some photos you have any tips on how to price the pieces as I am not in it for the money but some returns would be cover costs.

Cheers Jason.

Hello Steve,

A year or so ago we met when you visited the Gallery.I kept you in mind for any project involvement- and thought this project would be ideal to showcase your talents.I have enclosed some photos from the workshops of some of the BBQ’a that were made.

I am wondering if you would be interested in exhibiting with us next May as part of this project.

The idea is to construct a sculptural BBQ. I have attached an outline of the project that hopefully explains further the objective of the project.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards

Susie Chapman

Gallery Co-Director

Rural City of Murray Bridge

Hello Steve,

Thanks for getting back.

Love the BBQ!

The renovations are looking amazing.

The new Gallery and shop will certainly promote Murray Bridge as one of the best Regional galleries in the State.

Most men only had time to make a start on the BBQ’s and are finishing them off in their sheds over the next month.

I have attached some other photos of works made in these workshops.

It proved to be a nice mixing of men and talents.

I have counted you in for the exhibition.

We are thrilled to have you involved.

Next year is the Regional Centre for Culture, a year long arts ‘festival’ that is awarded biannually to a Regional City.

The Murray Bridge festival has been named ‘Ripples’.

This programme provides an exciting opportunity for local artists to showcase their talents and form partnerships and connections with other major leading agents. Country Arts is the major lead agency in facilitating this programme and its primary focus is to involve local artists and community and provide a legacy post ‘Ripples’.

As a result they are planning to have all the BBQ’s operational as a major feature in the opening launch of ‘Ripples’.

The BBQ’s will then be the launched as the Gallery’s feature opening exhibition for the re-launch of the Regional Gallery. there is no limit on size- only door width.

I am also hoping to obtain further funding to produce a book/ catalogue that will document the BBQ’s and their makers.

I am hoping to get Mark Thompson to collate this as he has produced a similar coffee table book on the subject.

We will be advised early January if we are successful.

Hope this provides a it more insight.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you require further information.

Keep up the good work.


Susie Chapman

Gallery Co-Director

Rural City of Murray Bridge

Linda Oatway

“I have looked at some of your art on the internet, and I think it is great.
You must have an interesting life.”

Hey Steve, thanks for sharing your work with me…Funny how life does its thing at times since I seen you I have thought about what you may have done and learnt while with our indigenous brothers re healing ect…? which led me to thinking of another guy I know named Paul who I had a couple of energy healing sessions with after surgery a year or so ago. Paul works with aboriginal energy even though I am not sure how much of that he would claim, he’s a gentle energy with a good sense of humour all round good guy spends alot of his free time at his shack up the river. Where am I going with this! I felt maybe you guys should meet as maybe you have something to share with each other ,though what I am not sure so I have steared him to your website. Who knows maybe nothing…Let go and let God hey!

Enjoy makin art and until next time, peace and love Lynn.

New movie on my front page

I watched it all and have been thoroughly entertained!

The background music selections are an absolute hit supporting each scene, comment and piece in perfect harmony.

Absolutely love the commentary about being scared living in the Church, saying that you are absolutely terrified and won’t be there much longer, the very next frame you say that you absolutely love it there and are even giving up the chance of a gig in Holland to stay put! Juxtapose City here you come……

Love the brutal slaying of the head in the garden, sorry to hear about was it Brian, whose wife left him and took the 3 kids?

‘Dead Dad’s Ashes’ Art, well that’s truly only for viewing and understanding by the very, very disturbed!

Question – any reason that on the opening the spelling is ‘Artiste’? Is that for effect? Or is that cos neither of you can seriously spell? Are you now a would be Frenchman?

Anyways, sterling job, it’s not too long and the editing job Shannell has done is very tidy and befits a man who really should give this field of work his full undivided attention cos he’s good.

Tops marks

Jolly Roger



New Stuff

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Heres some shots of some of my recent new works

The Arcade Magazine - recent article

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Hit the below link and check out my latest article.



River of Life - Forrest of Dreams

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While I was out taking my nephew and two neices Kayla and Paris to the swing park last Thursday we went via a creek to get there my 8 year nephew TJ started to tell me a story as we neared the creek.

As he held my hand and we were walking close to the creek he said uncle Steve legend has it that the creek was called River of  Life I asked TJ why is that, he said that a sick man who had cuts all over his body entered the creek bathed in the water and when he came out he was cured, all his cuts had gone away wow I said thats amazing. Then as we went a little further he said uncle Steve see that forrest of trees over there legend has it that its called the Forrest of Dreams, again I asked him why is that, he said if you go into the forrest and make a dream you will be portelled into that dream and your dream will come true, again I said wow what a great story. We got to the swing park and played on the swinng sets TJ said uncle Steve if I had a dream where would I be portelled to, mmm I had to think about it for awhile.

I asked TJ if I was portelled into my dream would I be able to be portelled back again he said of course you would, so I said I would like to be just for now helping Santa in the north pole wrap all the kids presents so he is ready for christmas day when his slay will be full. TJ asked if I would wrap his and his sisters presents and what would they be getting, I said its a surprise and you will have to wait till santa delivers their gifts and that they had to be good kids until christmas day TJ said Iam excited now and can’t wait to see what santa will bring and I will be very good.

When I got back home I thought to myself what an inspiring walk it was with TJ and his sisters hes a very insightful 8 year old boy with a fantastic imagination, rock on TJ your a blessing.


Imanpa Mob

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Well iam back from the bush been awhile since i blogged heres some snaps of my adventures out in the red dirt central Australia.

well no snaps as yet the system wont allow me to upload my images

What a Wild time it has been

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Well been outback now 11 months today which is also mothers day. I sent mum some flowers.
so much has happened in this the hardest year of my life yet, also the most challenging and rewarding. dead dad in december he died suddenly that hurt but i do have some of his ashes that mum sent upto me and i have buried those in the Imanpa red dirt at the back of my house it is a place i can go to and say the things i did not get a chance to say to him while alive, I split up with my Annie that has been hard as I Know we still love each other, I was airlifted out again with a serious infection in my leg i did 7 days on a drip in the alice hospital and 2 week recovery in Adelaide that is the second time i have been evacuated from Imanpa, the environment is so tough out here iam constantly feeling sick, I got food poisoning last week at 2am in the morning had to ride it out for hours as the nurse was on leave, I sometimes get lonely, I miss my son, I miss normal, being able to go get a DVD and a pizza, catch a movie, go the beach, going for a walk along the river.

But what you don't get anyware else in the world is the amazing sunrises and sunsets, the wild animals crossing the highway at radom, packs of camels, wild brumbie horses, majestic powerful wedge tail eagles feasting on road kill, kangaroos by the hundreds, snakes and goannas, beauitiful bird life, the thorney devil lizards, hundreds of cows searching for food and water, millions of tourist heading by the bus loads to the incredible Ayres rock, i get to see on a dialy basis the imanpa artists sitting in the red dirt doing tradional dot paintings and wood carvings and the most rewarding is to see the beautiful smiles of the Imanpa children doing it so tough in the outback their smiles are like a sunset all on there own. come to think of it I don't want to be anyware else just yet, there is still more of GOD'S work to be done

I went to the Gold Coast for 10 days met my son and two mates up there it was a wild time so good to be near the water everyday.

At Imanpa I have become Bumbleb cultrual father to Xavier, Team Leader, and surragote parent to many of the disadvantaged youth out here, i have a welding shop, gymnasiam,art and junk art programs running on a daily bases.

Shine on a crazy diamond only the strong survive out here I have 2 years of my contract to run, rock on, I will stay strong. I have read two things this week that I would like to share here they are:

"Everyone dies but not everyone lives"

accredo - "to accept whole heartedly and believe unconditionally"

till next time :)

ouCH I have been bitten by a RED thing

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Well I got bitten Sunday by a Red Back spider at Imanpa while at work and have just been air lifted to the Alice Springs hospital been on a drip for 5 days and in lots of pain as I have Cellulitist. Didn't know a little RED Spider could cause so much damage. Iam on the mend now after being pumped with lots of penicillin into my body to fight the infection, have to keep my leg elevated and stay off it as the swelling was very bad, almost had to have my right leg where the bite is amputated at the groin, would not have been best pleased about that. But all is on track for a full recovery and I should be back running the Imanpa marathon real soon.

still lovin the outback.

Stay tuned for some red hot photos of my spider attack at Imanpa.

Iam back

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Greetings from Imanpa Aboriginal Community where I have been working for the past 4 months.
I have had problems getting on line out here and have just got back on dial up, i also had a malfunction with my blog page but my good friend Shannell and web host has fixed it up tonight.
All i need now is a progam to shrink my photo images and hey i can share my past 4 onths journey it's been amazing journey.

stay tuned Mamu (my aboriginal name)

Annie in Imanpa

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Well Annie has been and gone i feel so sad we had an amazing time together in Imanpa. We went surfing in the red sand, annie did a coupla back flips of the cliffs and went missing for a few hours but i did find her at the bottom of the cliff i threw her a rope and pulled her back up the rocky razor sharp cliff face. she had a few deep cuts on her back but we got them stitched up. After the sand hills we went diving in the water holes that was beautiful the water was crystal clear and full of crocs and mosquitos, we had a picnic on the roadside and watched and waved to all the road trains as they went speeding bye, they tooted there horns and told us to get off the fucken road, we just smiled into each others sandy eyes i could just see her through the dust it was very special time. At night we went up the top of the water tower and watched the sun go down. Annie pointed to the bright stars and tried to touch one as she leaned out i asked her to hold that position while i took a photo but her wrists are week and she let go of the railing and fell to the bottom i got a great snap as she landed she had a beautiful smile on her face as she lay in the hot red sand. I rushed down the bottom to help her up and she just moaned in pain and told me it was worth the fall just to catch a star.

Well 2 days at imanpa was all Annie could handle otherwise she told me she would never want to leave. So I loaded up the troopy with Annies 8 suitcases and took her to the Yulura airport it was a quiet 2 hour trip Annie did not say a word all the way there she was just reflecting on our incredible time together, silence when your with some one you love is the ultimate sign of affection, we didn't need to talk all annies cuts, bruises and stiches said it all. we got to the airport and just held each other and cried for hours then one last kiss and she flew back to Adealide.

Until we meet again Annie I sure miss you Imanpa is not the same without you.

Steve O the Outback Warrior

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Well still waiting on our lap top commputers and net access so i can do my daily blog updates, so much to share and talk about I also have some amazing photos to include taken around 200 shots so far mostly road kill ?

Just at the Ebenzer roadhouse this morning 10 km from Imanpa checking my email on the pay per minute net machine it certainly is hungry only eats brass coins.

well this week I have been backup ambulance driver to a double road crash fatality, not the road kill I wanted to see, made me realise that once your dead there is no more hello's or goodbyes no more beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the outback, nothing it ends there, I relise now that my life is very presious and I will enjoy every minute of air time I have left in me, life really is harsh and wonderful all in the same breath. Its so true, to love as if you have never been hurt, dance like no one is watching, and make time to redeem things that can be redeemed in your life.

My fellow mission workers are a great bunch of characters there's Angie at Imanpa, Shelley and Be at Multijulu, Anthony and Jillian at Docker River, Adam and Noreen at Fink then theres our team leader Peter, outreach support team Della and Rob, Daniella, Charles, Deb and lastly Erica the admin PA to Peter.

My Annie is coming up next week so Iam very excited about that hope she loves the sea breeze running through her long hair and a great view of the ocean. Will show her how to cook in the hot sand and catch fish with my bare hands. We can sleep in a hamock between two palm trees and sip champayne while the sun goes down.

We will have a wild adventure annie loves collecting sea shells and sunbaking nude in the sea weed.

ok times up until next time live life like there is no tomorrow.

imanpa update

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well having a wild time so far in the outback so much to learn and experience iam in my 12 day now clocked up over 2000 km in the new 4 wheel drive v8 trooper. seen so many sights while getting finding my way around outback australia went to ayres rock thursday for a job to do along the way photographing road kill while the beautiful powerful eagles eat the remains, then a few wild brumby horses crossed the stuart highway so went of road and chased them into the bush, seen dingos, roos cows wandering the outback in search of food. today i took the local imanpa netball team to there game 4 hours away where a white camel wandered onto the field and 50 dogs great stuff.

i miss my annie out here but she may be in alice springs soon as she has applied for some jobs so as we can be together once again.

ok stay tuned for steve os outback adventures what a wild fucken ride this is hope i last in the job.


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Well just writing from my new job at Imanpa 300km from Alice Springs where iam the new youth worker with Mission Australia been on the road for a week now and arrived at imanpa friday to start my job had a great time so far and will keep you posted about all my adventures. I have no internet access atthe community so have to come into the road house to log on.
talk more soon.

Latest News

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Published on May 23rd, 2007 @ 13:13:29 , using 409 words, 1223 views
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Well I have been very busy since my last blog a coupla weeks ago.
hit below link and see my work now at MOWA Museum Of Weird Art go to gallery and click on my name to see my recent works of weird art it's a great site and thanks to all at MOWA for including me in the weird world of art.

I also scored a job up in Alice Springs/NT as a Community Youth Worker Iam very excited about this, possible start date will be 11 June so I have sooo much organising to do and so little time. I will ride my hog to the alice with Annie on the back. (see image below)and the link below will tell a little about where I might be based and the issues I will face as a youth worker in the outback it will be very harsh out there and a great challenge.

and the best news Annie is back from her vacation to Antartica she went missing after diving with the whales 12 weeks ago I haven't been able to function properly being so worried about her. Iam picking her up from Adelaide Airport tomorrow night and I can't wait to see her. Will keep you posted on all her adventures.

I have a new exhibition on show at the famous ArtsNorth Gallery titled 7 Deadly Sins my interpritation, the show runs for one month and is open daily 9am to 4pm 7 Judd Road Elizabeth the heart of raw art the concrete urban jungle, where only the strong survive.

Been fasinated by pigs since doing Gluttony one of the 7 sins so I did a photoshoot see images below.

Lastly I bought 12 full size Manniquins from an op shop last week got the lot for $35 bucks as the shop was closing down. So I have great plans for a new series but will have to transport them to the Alice. Will ask Annie when I see her tomorrow if she wants to do a road trip to get there. It would be a lot of fun as Annie is probably the best driverI have ever had the pleasure of driving with, she's drives like a skater on ice that has never skated before she really is awesome.

Ok stay tuned lots happening at the moment.


Junk Horse Images

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Published on May 8th, 2007 @ 11:10:52 , using 0 words, 1135 views
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