Reincarnating junk as art..

A Mate for Roo-boy

Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
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Aspire or Inspire

Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
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Will leave it up to you.

My thoughts are that if you inspire just one person in your life then you can die knowing that you did help someone and that someone a stranger who you do not even know went on to better things amen.

Steve, I really enjoyed visiting your site. I love your work very much. I have just started working with trash myself--I have always been a painter, but in later years have been starting to paint on cardboard and discarded plywood, etc. Now I am beginning to do sculpture with junk. I love it! My passion seems to be working with broken toys and games with missing pieces, or wheels off things--I like the color. Keep on with your wonderful whimsical junk art. A question--I checked out your blog, and you haven't been around since August. Is everything OK, or are you on your honeymoon?
Diane Marie

Great site.Most active site i have surfed.Site would not exist without the art,and the art makes my brain boil.That is,Good boil.Not the bad boil, which i hate ,worse than sitting on a cold toilet seat, which someone has previously pissed on.Ever tried to dry the piss with the toilet paper.Just does not seem to dry.

Hey Steve,
Rich Milo here. I just wanted to say hello. I haven't forgotten you and you have been in my prayers. I hope you are creating some wild sculptures. I think you have something about you where you can take things that are nothing and turn them into art. But it is more than that because some people do that and it does not work but when you do it you make magic. It is a gift so keep plugging on. Remember Christ is Lord and ultimately nothing else will matter in the end God Bless you and I hope we meet again.
Your friend and brother in Christ Rich Milo

Hello Steve,

I dont know if you can remember me mate, but i met you in NY on St Patricks day in a pub called the Parlour. We chatted about all sorts of stuff including my dad's illness. Sadly steve shortly after speaking to you that night i got a call from my brother telling me to come home that our dad was getting worse. I was in Ireland by 5.00am sunday morning and my dad passed away at 8.00pm on Monday night. His death has had a huge effect on me but i was so happy to be with him and holding him when he went......Now I dont know why i just told you all that ???....Anyway for one reason or another you managed to have an effect on me that night, some of the things you said struck home a little and have encouraged me to take a good look at myself.....which is a good thing.
Anyway steve your an interesting and decent bloke and i'm glad that i bumped into you (literally) and i enjoyed our chat....I honestly beleive that i was meant to meet you for some reason that has not become apparent yet...but i'll let you know when it does.
I hope you got back to Oz safe and sound....take care of yourself and always keep that Passion for your Art and your son.
God Bless
(The Irish bloke with the English accent)

hi, just saw your stuff and thought that i had to leave a comment.
thank you so much
this has helped me with a root to go down with my art exam
ahhh its in less than 9 weeks
= : x (oh sorry this = : x is a bunny and i sort of draw it every where hmm im not crazy)
thank you again
James williamson

I commissioned a horse from Steve. The finished sculpture, some 2
metres tall, is sensational. I am very happy with the result and I am
very pround to be the owner of such a unique piece of art.

I can highly recommend Steve's work.

Hi, I came across your website while doing research for a school
project. I am a student at O'More College of Design in Franklin, Tn,
in the graphic design department. I am working on my first website,
and it is about art and recycling, based on a mixed media collage
piece I did using "trash". The theme is saving the environment
through art. I would like to use the horse I found on your page, in
my scrapture section of the site. If you would like more detail, I
will try to give it to you as best I can, but I am still in the first
development stages. Of course, your website link will be included and
credited in the page.

April Fletchall

WoW. I stumbled onto your site today and I am so amazed. Your work and
your story touched a place in me I forgot about. As an artist myself,
I have been in a slump for a while. Different distractions in all shapes
sizes and genders have clouded my vision of my own world. Its okay to be
different, regardless of what the "family" thinks. Screw them my lifes
on me not them. I wont let anyone judge in my life, what they are not
willing to live for me. I am babbling on but the point is, thank you.
Much luck and happiness to you and your son. -Kirsten Shahan

Gilbert, Arizona

im a big fan of your art, i did a project about you in school. im interested in buying some of your pieces, a flower and a painting to be exact. where are you located, and will you be coming to new york at any point soon (or are any pieces at galleries here)? let me know

thanks, geri

the nuwe pictures are very nice. keep going, jan

Just a note.We added your work to our Homepage.Its a good time because Gallery and Studio N.Y.C. just came out with a full back cover promoting Monkdogz Urban Art for their summer issue. have a great day. Best Bob

very nice - best ever sit that i have seen on the net. i am a welder of sculptures and paint as well, you are a reel insperasion for me, thank you very much. here in south africa i dont see mutch of you caleber of work. i hope to have my owen site one day chust as good as yours. dont stop the good work, its all insperasion. sterkte voorentoe, jan.

hi junk man, when are you gone put sum nuwe stuff in the gallery ? cant wayt. enjoy youre dairy - try and read it evry weekend when posibul. best of luck. jan.

My name is Laura Brown and I am from South Australia. I am currently
doing yr 12 Art and have based my individual study on artists who
concentrate on using recycled materials. It would be great to find out
about what you love about your art and what makes you use recycled
materials. Please Email me back if you have any time
thank you for your time
Laura Brown

The Bath $5,000
I'm Dorothy White a art enthusiast .I'm interested in your works and i
really love your work.Please, get back to me with the price of the above
named items so that i will know how we can progress with the
transaction.You have got wonderful works that are unique.Please,send me
your website so that i can see more of your recent works

Hello Steve,
I enjoyed viewing your art very much and would like to invite you on
behalf of to participate in "Art Kudos", a juried online art
exhibition. Cash awards totaling $1,800. Deadline: June 30, 2005. For
more information, visit
Kind regards,
Robert Anderson

Whoa, just need to catch my breath, your site has undergone a radical makeover which begins at the first page and continues to halt my breath right through to the Blog Diary, now that’s more than scary, it’s just plain spine tingling. Can’t wait to get my daily fix, I’ve cancelled my subscription to all the women’s mags and the daily read, I will never need them again – I’m tuning into the King of Looney Tunes with both earsJ
Your fan
Annie Rufus x

Steve, It's a beautiful thing and so is the rest of the site. You continue to amaze me with your work.


you are in the belly of the whale ;)

stay with the dark stuff as long as you can bear it....its not WHO you
are though.

light and dark combined are the big shout

those are some wicked images :)


We will be taking out a full color ad in Gallery and Studio arts magazine New YorkCity summer issue to help launch Monkdogz. As we move foreword we will be rotating artists work from the links to preview and HP. When the ad comes out I would like to use the piece you sent over to lead off the Previewed section.Its better exposure and a larger image.Thing is its just a sensational piece of work. Maybe one of the best pieces of work I have seen in a while.If that's ok with you.It will have your work in front of every artist,dealer and gallery owner in New York.
Best to you my friend

Just off the hook sensational work.Your one in a million.

We are in the process of launching a new Internet art site. It will be formatted a little differently with interviews and features. And lots of art. The links page will feature images and a little bio info on each artist. If you're interested in having your work included send me a j-peg of an image you feel best represents your style of work and a short bit of bio or philosophy info. And we will add a link. I would be grateful. The new site will be called MonkDogz Urban Art. Bob

Hi Steve,
I was looking for an artist who used rubbish in their work for my AS art exam, and I came across your site. I just wanted to say I think your work is great and it has inspired me to create something of my own. I also think your very funny!
Alexandra Petty

Hi Steve,
Really enjoyed looking at your art. It's Cool and you obviously have a
good sense of humour. Good luck

Hi Steve,
I have linked your site to my site which is
opening online EarthDay this year. I am in Dallas
Texas creating use-able art from objects and gifty stuff
from dumpster diving, garage sailing and from my
Real Job cleaning and organizing for folks. I get
a lot of cast offs this way and they go straight into my
art. Mine is not as highbrow as yours but it means
the same thing for our planet. We are taking
responsibility for our messes and cleanin house
I am always seeking Real artists and crafters as well to
join my gallery so if ya know anyone who might be
interested in bein Repped send em on down Finally kudos bravo and Bless you for your creative
thoughtfulness Thanks- Julia Resurrection Art
Superb job! The junk has been reborn a stallion, Halleluiah!!!! From the
ground to the hind quarters looks good, it shows the strength and
power very well.

Hey there,
I came across your web site because for my design class I have to doa
junk relief sculpture. I need help bad.. I have an old bubble gum
machine, a door knob and some other random crap and I can't figure out
anything creative to do with any of them. I saw your flowers and they
rule.... That was an idea, but what to use for all of the other
please help..

Hi Steve,
I am happy to hear from you quite soon."Asante sana" meaning thanks a bunch in swahili.Well, I do live in Nairobi the capital city of Kenya.About the workshop I wanted to ask you if there are bodies like NGO"S which can sponsor use to conduct an international workshop wereby we can invite some other artists from diverse cultures to have a cultural exchange workshop, Is that possible?And where are you based? I have faith with your work coz it was a unique one and touching.Please let me hear what is your interest and also add in some ideas too in mine and let us see what we can do.If we can find a way to organize such an event it would be a big way forward.So say something and all the best.

Dear fellow artist,
Hallo Sir,I am a Kenyan contemporary abstract painter.Having seen your work in the web I would like you to organize a workshop whereby we can share our experience from our diffrent cultures.Anyway I am 26yrs old namely known as Nicholas makau artistic sign Nicho.Please let me hear from you.I love your work

Hello Mr Oatway
My name is Jamie Campbell and I'm an art student in Wodonga and I was
wondering if you could tell me about the meaning behind your piece
called. "life scales" because I think it is a very interesting piece. if
you could e-mail me your reply by Monday that would be very much

thank you

Jamie Campbell.

Great, wow very imaginary - Theresia

I have been inspired thankyou - Magda, uni student

Room 13 is very real you can feel the cold, starkness and hopelessness - Megan

I have escaped - Sabrina

Interesting real interesting - Rob

It's very inspiring being around your art thankyou - Jo

I will not hold back with my creative ideas now I have seen your work you have a wild imagination thanks - Adam

Back in time to stop you building the time machine you nut not even a flux capaciter looney tunes - Here's Johnny

The King Triffid is amazing - Kym

Are you sure you haven't had shock treatment in Room 13 ? if you haven't maybe you need to - anynomous !!!

The boot in the TV is every man's wish Iam impressed - Kath

Can I take Brian the lawn mower man home with me ? and leave my old man in the shed please - Angela

What does Shaggy do underground ? - Beth

Comments from Time Machine Travellers

Michael - Ancient Egypt attacked by some ancient doo's they say I don't belong in thier world
Eric - 1996 back to Centrals first Grand Final changed the game with a few well timed weopon blasts Centrals Victors
Corrissa - went to the chocolate world
Amy - went to visit dinasours in Antartica
Hannah - went to visit outer space
Maria - 1985 went back to high school before she got kicked out
Luke - Vietnam and went underground with the Viet cong
James - went into the future and bought a laser cannon
Nicole - went to Alice Springs dream land it was so call
Wayne - went back to see his old home
Daniel - went back to say hello to his dad who had passed away

Hey G Day and Aloha from Missouri,
I really love your art and your web site!
I spent a long time surfing around, congratulations.
I am in 12 step recovery, too, congratulations on that!
I have to tell my art list about you, too, your
art and site are really my favorite site I've seen in
a long time!
best wishes to you ,Steve!
your friend
Shari Elf
n Missouri, USA


I got up this morning and at 6:30 had to face you. Been laughing ever since. You’re weird. Love it, love it, love it. Love your web site too. Got that one on my favorite record now. I did read through the site to get an inkling of what causes something like you. Still don’t have a clue. Thanks for writing and the kind words. You’re the one that deserves the accolades though.

Hi Steve
Thanks for the photo's - what a contrast. Your paintings look fantastic!
They're energetic and alive. Scarey in some ways but very powerful.

Hi Steve

Nice work with a touch of Picasso.

I`m very imprest of your sculptures.
You have a very nice work, a very beautiful creations. Thank you for
you exist in this world.
Adriana C. Dragoi

Hi I'm doing a project about sculptures and i've chossen to do it on you.I,d really appericate some more information about you and your work. Thanking you Orla Power

I'll definitely be checking out your work for a future issue...
In the meantime, we've added a link to our links page in the artwork section.
Sean Meriwether, Editor
Outsider Ink

The paintings on Mars are cool.
Fun idea!
I see you are a
Keep working!!!

I just browsed your site and really like your work and would be honored if you would participate . If this is possible. I would like different mediums and also the concept of recycling . I will wait to hear from you. Your work is great......
junanne peck
"The Dance of Life"

I am curating an Exhibit at Northwood University located at Cedar Hill in April of 2004. The Exhibit will be called "The Dance of Life" "Bra's for Breast cancer" and will be about coping with breast cancer...whether it's in your life or friends and loved ones. I would be honored to have you create pieces for the exhibit. Your artwork could be chosen to travel with the exhibit with your permission or returned after the exhibit ends

Hello to you:)
love it, this is truly the best work (paintings on mars) that you two have produced in such a short time, it expounds creativity, energy and enticement to name but a few. A very happening webpage, congratulations to the dynamic duo:) You will be able to donate your space helmet to charity for auctioning after you become a household name.

Hi Steve....After surfing some of the
world's most boring art on some of the world's most boring sites, it was a revelation to come across your site. Any time I need a "pick-me-up", your site can't be beat.I added your site to my "links" page, hope you don't mind......if you do, tough....I live on the other side of the world, in a garage , on the edge of a forest. Here is my web address so you know what kind of junk-art you just linked up with. Cheers...Rob

hey i'm gonna include you in a catalogue-essay on recycled sculpture that i have to do for grade 12 art... so could you please send me some info on youself and your 'fish' piece? thanks alot!

Your most wonderful Bra arrived today in you miss
it? .....I'm glad it arrived early so now i get to view it longer........

I soooo lurve your website its an adventure into your crrreeative psyche amaaaa-zing


i was just looking at your website and i found it more than mildly entertaining. i should explain my situation. i go to Artech Charter school. its project based, and recently i became interested in your art form. so, for a project, i've set about creating junk sculptures. if you have any tips or information for me, that would be lovely. thanks a bunch

Kelsey Tollefson

Dear Steve,
I am currently beginning an AS level art project about art from rubbish and would be greatful if you could send me some information about your work as I am very interested in it. I want to create my own style with the help of others work. Any photographs etc would be most helpful to me during my work. Thank you very much.
Lizzie Hill

Miss E Hill

Dear Mr. Renkern and your wild mind,
My class visited your web site and had some questions for you. We would love to have you respond to them.
Where do you get your ideas? How did you decide to be a junk artist? What is it like to be an artist? Why do you think it is fun to be a junk artist? How old were you when you started? Where is the best place to find junk for art?
Some comments we had after viewing your art were:
“I loved your time machine art”.” I would go to 1919 because I would like to see the world series with the White Soxs. ““I would like to see myself as a baby.”” I would like to go back in time to see if I am there (1999). “ “ I would like to go back 1921 to see the Packers’ Super Bowl game.”
I think the fish sculpture looks like Jaws.” I liked the “Horse” because I like them and it looks like my old horse.”
“ I liked the “Lawnmower “story.”” I loved the beautiful flowers. “
I liked the “Hangman” because I play that word game.”
We really enjoyed how clever you were with putting together the “found art” pieces. We especially thought it was so great that you are helping to clean up the environment by turning discarded “junk” into art.
For Earth Day we are also making art with “found” pieces. We will make hats with newspapers and recyclables, plaster poured over objects pressed into wet sand, and a sculpture piece. Thanks for the inspiration! Keep creating!!!
Happy Earth Day,
Janice Kane and her Kindergarten/first and second grade class.

I am a freelance writer working on an article for a
children's periodical, Nickelodeon Magazine, in the
States. It is geared to children between eight and
twelve years old and an upcoming issue is being
dedicated to the theme of technology. My article will
be a spotlight on artists utilizing computer parts and
other recycled technological elements in their work.
In my research, I ran across some information on your
own work and was grinning as traveled through the
various doors. I think your witty approach would
intrigue kids and spark them to be creative with their
own cast-offs, or at least imagine other possibilities
and personalities for the objects they would normally
discard. I am hoping you can take the time to answer a
few questions and also inform me of where I can locate hi-resolution or
photographic sources for images of the piece to accompany the article.
Are the fantastic images you used on your site available in hi-res? (The
magazine requires print-quality images for each piece
mentioned.) I'm particularly interested in showcasing
"Day of the Triffids" or the fantastic shot of you
riding off on your time machine, although the art
director of the magazine will make the final
selection. I'm sorry to pass along a sense of urgency,
but I am working to a deadline this week. If you could
reply as soon as possible it would be most helpful -
and much appreciated.

Thanks so much for your time. I hope the magazine's
readers get the chance to discover your work. It's
exactly what the article needs to draw kids in.

thanks for the inspiration, junk and photo wise!!

So you went to the same rehab joint that I did, I thought reconised your face. Excelent work. Keep it up.


Recently inspired by other "junk" artists (i prefer Scavenger) ... I've been browsing online and your work is 2 inspiring! Thanks for cleaning up the streets.... I think I saw my shoe... hehe Namaste & Bless ~ Cora

Dear Ren,
Your work is interresting, trying to melt the natural
with the death of
things is the goal of this era.

Dear Sir,

My name is Ronen and I am an M. A. student, I am preparing a lecture
about modeling and sculpturing and I would like to ask you premission to
present one of the images from your gallery.I would ofcourse credit you as the
Artist of this sculpture.
Thanks in advance,
Ronen Lev

I just checked out some of the stuff on your site. I think it kicks some serious tail. Ive been sitting here thinking about your art, and I cant even find the words to explain it to myself. Its really incredible.

Hi Steve,

My name is Chris Trudgian and I am an A-Level Art student. This term I have chosen my theme to be based on flowers and feel that your work is so unique that I wish to study it and wondered if u wouldnt mind answering a few questions for me. I would be most grateful.

What got you into making your work from recycled materials? Have you always wanted to be an artist? Were you inspired by any other artists? and finally could you give a brief background of your life, eg. birth date, schooling, exhibitions etc?

Thank you for your time

Chris Ely.

My name is Brie and I am studying yr 12 at Caloundra State High School. I am currently do an assignment for art based on sculpture, I was wondering if I could ask you some questions? Why did you make Roo Boy and How did you make him?
I would appricate you help if you wouldn't mind.
Thank you

Just a note to say sensational work.Just dances and dances with
imagination and talent.Do drop in and visit I am a
New York painter working on something just a little different.If you
like drop a note in the book so lazy painters like me who cut and paste
can view your work and if now or sometime in the future your into
exchanging links just let me know.On a personal note and out of
curiosity are you by chance a friend of Bills. Take care and create on

Hey Steve! I was just messing around, checking out art stuff (I have a
budding artist of a son - 17 yrs. old), & I happened to come across
your web site. Cool stuff!!! Keep it up!!! I'll be sure to pass on
this site to my son to check out for inspiration!

Dena Rogers
Garner, NC

Dear Sir,
Congratulations on your art, would be glad to exchange links.
If you're interested, please send us your link data.
kind regards,
Marten Jansen

Hey Steve,
My name is martyn, im 22, i live in the uk.

One of ny mates has sorta got me intrested in weld art, an i was just
a gander at your web-site.

I just thought id get in contact even if it was just for me to say that
think your a fuckin DUDE.

Man i have so much respect for your stuff.

Thanks for makin me want to use my creative talent. Iv been so
Not anymore buddy.

I hope that even if you think im a nutter, my e-mail made you smile.


Hi Steve
i've checked out your website and I really love your work. If I didn't live so far away in Sydney I'd check out your time machine, it looks like fun.
I especially liked 'devil inside' from your Berlin Wall gallery, it is just awesome!
See ya

i am a multi-media artist in cleveland ohio. i am opening a gallery...i love your paintings ...u are a gutsy real painter...i love your are great...GOD BLESS YOU AND YOR FAMILY...BARB

callum 7 years
iv got my first piece of junc

Sorry for being cranky I gave it one more try and figured it our. Little old ladies get stupid.(not as bad as little old guys ,mind.) you can see some of my junk art at Its not as wild as yours as yet but its getting better.
Leo Ellingson

Really fantastic art work!
Love the layout and look of your site... every thing you do is art!
John Beadle

Oh mon, the horse evolution is beautiful! Yes beautiful. The horses head and coil eyes are sheer genius...don'cha think, eh?

I'm so pleased, another full fledged crazy. I spend my happiest time in the wrecking yards up and down the coast. Am working on one called Junk Yard Dog. Born and raised for ultimate viciousness, they all go for the jugular on a normal person but barely twitch a leg for me. Ingrates! (The friendlies here say it is because I was raised by the wolves in the NW Territories so I'm just family to them.) .


My son was up from LA (and he loved your work too.)

Overall, I think that you are a new and fantastic creative spirit to hit the planet. I love the total abandon with which you work in any medium. Naturally, I was first attracted by the junk art and the dramatic settings. But I find your paintings to be delightful fun. No that doesn't quite say it. You're quite mad, you know. In the new junk art I am particularly drawn to the wonderful horse. My son likes the fish especially and the symbology of all the hooks. I am actually not sure what #150-5094 is except that it appears to have ribs and other possibly hominid anatomical parts. I had not seen the space ship before which I received just this a.m. and think its great! The settings and backgrounds are genius! The Mississippi (was it?) fish is a long time favorite.

As to the paintings, what I think truly appeals there is the obvious vigor, spontaneity, and verve. The ones which appeal to me the least are the controlled, hard line ones like 190-9061...although there isn't really another one like that. My all time favorites are (these guys must have names) #'s 175-7554, 175-7564 , (I am sure I cannot afford them but am curious as to the size and price - in US $ if possible...I realize this may be rude but I'm overwhelmed.) Personally I am also quite taken with #'s 175-'7570, 190-9181 and 190-9060. 172-7255 shows considerable feeling and I really enjoy the majority of the rest of them. If they do have names can you send a list coordinated with the numbers?

I could say more if I had more time but I seem to actually have a few hours to myself and would like to get some work done. I have sent the emails out to one creative artist who likes them a lot. Is it ok if I show the print outs around??

Keep it up kid,


Yes, you must visit the states. Come to Oregon and you could stay at my cabin/studio or at my son's guest house a few miles away and I would be thrilled to introduce you around here and set up such gallery interest as possible. Shouldn't be a problem once they see your web site and paintings, eh?

Wow , great sculpture, cool web design by the way :)

Great art works

"As someone who has had very little
exposure to the art world, much less
the works of a 'junk artist', I find your
site to be stimulating, exhilarating,
rousing, provocative and inspiring.
Your life journey and honesty are
embracing and reflected in the depth,
creativity and candour of your work.
I consider myself to have been 'infected'
by your work and passion and wait in
anticipation for the epidemic that I am
sure is to follow." from L

Comments during the SALA Festival from visitors to the Corrupted Crypt

The underground room is awesome - Ray

Thanks for inspiring me - Craig

Tortured Artist or am I

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Not what you Think

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Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
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In the Forest

Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
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Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
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Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
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The Cover to my Resume

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A few More Paintings

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Well had some talks this morning with my art buds about my paintings are they crap or ok see what ya think. I like to paint as I find it very relaxing and I can escape into the work and nothing else really matters at that time. I have never sold one in 3 years hey maybe that's my answer ha ha.

Mixed Media 7 Deadly Sins

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Been putting together a collage series titled the 7 deadly sins here is the first one completed titled Greed.

Submarine Project

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Got a call from the Defence department a few months ago they ask me to work on a secret project which would help defend our country, I said sure I would be honoured to assist, it was to do with the Navy and testing of the new submarines. So they sent over a prototype for me to do some tests, here is the test site I can't tell you what iam testing as it is Top Secret but Iam allowed to show you the test rig.


Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
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Here it is.

Night Welding

Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
Published on January 23rd, 2007 @ 11:54:08 , using 35 words, 674 views
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The Godfather was great it inspired me to go outside in the dark and weld me up a junk sculpture, I worked through the night. Will take a photo and show you my new piece.


Written by:Steve Oatway Junk Artist
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Thought that after my bath I would watch one of my favorite movies the Godfather.

Room 13

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Well it's been a tough day today so thought I might treat myself to some shock treatment to get my heart pumping. So here iam in Room 13 in my Crypt art house. The secret is not to put tooo much water in the bath as to much will explode my heart when i add current and I don't want that to happen, I lost a guy the other day he filled the bath to the brim then turned the current on and he fucken exploded which pissed me off because I had to clean all the shit up of the walls and re-paint, plus the smell was disgusting.

Burning Bruce

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I decieded to burn the new junk sculpture I did today when I got back from the scrap yard. He (Bruce) was telling me what to do so I said fuck you die asshole. I hate it when the creations I make start telling me what to do and how they want to be built, piss off Iam the creator.

Caught up in the Crusher aaahhHHHH

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I was out early this morning collecting junk for some new inspirations at the scrap yard and got caught up in the green machine luckily the machine operator seen me get sucked in and stopped just before it crushed my head whew that was close.

Spent the afternoon in Jail

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Published on January 22nd, 2007 @ 12:57:04 , using 19 words, 680 views
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I managed to escape tonight and ride off on my junk horse waiting for me up on the hill.

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