Reincarnating junk as art..

Time Traveller

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My mate Little Johnny just got back from his trip in the time machine he went back to 19oo's said he visited Hurricane Carter while he was in prison. Got to go and find out all about it bye for now.

Brian the Junk Lawnmower Man

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Brian got the shits on with his wife for nagging him to mow the lawn while the footy was on, so he mowed all her flowers down now he has to sleep in the tool shed until she fogives him ....

The Iron Princess

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Iam working on a partner for her as she told me she is very sad and lonely.

Iron Princess

Annie Doll

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I even made an Annie doll to keep me company while she is treking in Antartica.

Toy Story

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Well Iv'e been working through the night creating a few Junk art dolls after browsing the local church market yesterday in the pooring rain. I came accross two boxes of treasures broken doll bits and pieces paid $20 bucks for the lot. I also watched the movie Toy Story the original last week and liked what the kid did to his dolls when he got angry. When I finally went to sleep this morning, I could hear my dolls wandering around the house laughing and they seemed to be having lots of fun ....

My Entry for an Exhibition competition titled "My Africa"

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Some words from Annie in Antartica

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Annie my partner is still in antartica on a 10 week adventure while recovering from surgery. She sent me a painting to describe how much she loves me, I miss her terribly.

Escape to paint on Mars

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Thought I would escape my crypt art house for a coupla days and fly to Mars on my incredible Time Machine. Got a lot of work done while there and cleared my head of the day to day stressors of life. I feel re-energised and looking forward to a busy year. Art Rocks.

Junkman Rides Again

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As I roam the earth looking for junk.

Do you think it's fucken easy to be a successful ARTIST

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NO it's NOT

Outlaw Junk Artist an Urban Legend

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He Robs from the RICH and gives to the poor.


Let the Sun Shine on Junk

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Search for the Holy Grail every piece of Junk is a hidden Treasure

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Junk Art Sculptures

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Photo Gallery of some Re-incarnated Junk Works

Junk Art & Business

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Published on January 18th, 2007 @ 03:42:32 , using 329 words, 1042 views
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SA exhibition showcases art and business talent

A unique exhibition has opened in Adelaide this week showing that you don’t necessarily have to starve in an attic to produce great art.

The special one-week exhibition at Norwood’s Adelaide Central Gallery, proves that art is a passion, but that it helps if it’s good business too.

Simply titled ‘Mission Australia’, the exhibition features more than 20 South Australian artists who have established businesses under the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS), run by Mission Australia – one of Australia’s leading community and employment services organisations – and funded by the Federal Government.

Some of the artists have only just launched their businesses, but others are already achieving major successes – painter Deborah Trusson
was an Archibald finalist last year, Gerry McMahon is again exhibiting his animal sculptures, including birds and elephants, at the Adelaide Zoo for this year’s Fringe Festival and Junk artist Stephen Oatway is showing his work next month at New York’s Monkdogz Art Gallery.

“They’re all talented artists in a variety of fields, and they wanted to learn how to make a living from their work,” says Mission Australia NEIS Program Coordinator Warren Silverston. “The NEIS program gives them the technical and planning skills to transform their talents into viable businesses.”

“We’ve been thrilled with the success rate so far and this exhibition is a great showcase, not just of artistic talent but of newly-acquired business acumen.”

Mission Australia delivers 146 community services across Australia, with strong expertise in SA in dealing with homelessness, poverty, family disruption, youth issues, and drug and alcohol abuse. It is also one of the biggest employment service operators in the nation, and the biggest provider of NEIS programs across Australia.

NEIS is an Australian Government initiative that helps eligible unemployed people to start and run new, viable small business

Mr T is a youth paster who rides his hog around Australia helping troubled teenagers his dogs name is Ky.

Message from my Art Brother PowerPainter in Holland

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Published on January 17th, 2007 @ 04:25:03 , using 266 words, 602 views
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Check out his site his paintings are awesome.

We exhibited together twice last year in New York City at we both attended the first opening exibition at Monkdogz then spent 5 weeks discovering New York City taking hundreds of photos on the streets of New York where you will find some of the greatest street art anyware in the world. We also stayed together at the Big Apple youth hostel one block up from Times Square. some photos to come stay tuned ...


powerpainter ( has sent you a message via your contact form ( at Square Wheels Drive Better! .


Heej steve, my Art-buddy from down-under....

Look at the frontpage of PP it's all yours for a moment... Including links to yur site and your weblog..

Did you noticed the rss feed of your blog is at the bottom of PP... If you login and press blog this rightside of the article
you can publish your blog on PP too!, you post it once but publish twice.. this will give trafic and atract search engines.. goood!!!!

Oi mate keep up the good works....

Wouldn't it be a good idea if you do a small article about
our worldwide cooperation on your blog? Tell them i mention your name in certain blogs you find here:

and your the posts about you are here:

These pages have rss feeds too so you might be able to load it on your blog too...


CU later on SKYPE!


Art is about survival nothing else matters we must fight hard and Never Give Up

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A sky chat conversation with my art brother "Powerpainter" on the other side of the world.

powerpainter says: Happy New Year Steven
powerpainter says: Lots of creativity and good health! lots of wealth
stephen allan oat... says: just watched a dvd of Modigliani he didnt
have a lot of goodluck wealth or health targic love story
powerpainter says: well my years starts very bad, have to go to court
soon for not paying enough for health insurance, i am a criminal now!
stephen allan oat... says: he was a great painter though
powerpainter says: lucky bastard!
powerpainter says: i can't do anything before i solve my probs..
powerpainter says: this situation is depressing me badly..
stephen allan oat... says: just sell one of your paintings for one
million and that should cover you
stephen allan oat... says: when iam depressed i have a drink
powerpainter says: easy said, please ...
stephen allan oat... says: or two
powerpainter says: its no timeto be depressed in australia, here we
lack sunlight and opportunities
powerpainter says: its dark cold grey and loads of probs surrounding me
like devils..
stephen allan oat... says: iam just working on my new canvases titled 7
deadly sins currently on LUST 40 degrees today fucken hot as cat on hot
tin roof
stephen allan oat... says: ask them to leave
powerpainter says: good for you
powerpainter says: i dont care
stephen allan oat... says: i know how you feel we are artist and will
never be defeated when you get to the end of your rope tie a knot in it
and keep fighting the hard fight your time will come
] powerpainter says: then see if i can get some aid in releasing me from
my ever bigger depts and see if i get my water reconnected, and spare me
from being thrown out of my studio
stephen allan oat... says: you are a great painter and survivor Never
Give Up
powerpainter says: look out for a job ...
stephen allan oat... says: yes maybe until you get on your feet part
time work perhaps or sell whatever you have left to get some cash do you
have a car
powerpainter says: to give me some certainty in life to get a place to
live not this cave i dwell in... some place where i can invite a lady to
become my girlfriend... now i am so poor i satand at the sideline and i
have feelings too
powerpainter says: no driverslicense
] powerpainter says: never had the money or opportunity to get one..
stephen allan oat... says: wow didnt no this
powerpainter says: i am tired being the poorest bloke in holland... i
worked like three jobs last years, all went through my fingers like
powerpainter says: it was just not enough..
powerpainter says: i will have to get on with this feeling of defeat,
it nibbles my constitution and passion is gone now... it's just too
hard... no cash on christmas, and lived on the goodness of others...
powerpainter says: feels terrible can't sleep of it my throat is sore
from all this stress...
stephen allan oat... says: the masters would pay for food and things
with paintings can you or have you done this before
stephen allan oat... says: do you have a believe in God ?
powerpainter says: impossible... no paintings left all is sold
allready, have no energy to paint at all...
powerpainter says: did consider ending my life... what's the use of
it... well i wait a little while with that decision... guess things
might change..
stephen allan oat... says: what about your parents can they help you
powerpainter says: no i do not believe in false deities nor gods nor
stephen allan oat... says: things will change just wait a few years
before that decision about ending it
stephen allan oat... says: is your webcam on show me your face
powerpainter says: nope they can't aren't rich enough... i am applying
for jobs since two months even like cleaning, kitchen aid, carbageman,
even the bad jobs i don't get, i am too old, to expensive, over
educated, under educated .
stephen allan oat... says: send me your webcam link
powerpainter says:
stephen allan oat... says: ok will open
powerpainter says: i need to get some sleep, i want to get up at 9;00
to be early have to do tyoo much things to safe my goddamn ass..
stephen allan oat... says: ok my friend you take care i will thinking
of you
stephen allan oat... says: you look very sad:(
powerpainter says: okay.. thnx mate.... i slept all day today so my
rhythm changed too much, wish i had a creative wave like you have man
powerpainter says: i am goddamn sad... i miss my love for live
powerpainter says: i loath it at the moment
stephen allan oat... says: dig deep to find it it is there
powerpainter says: well i find my reality hard to digest steve
stephen allan oat... says: pretend it is a bad dream
powerpainter says: i do all the time but when i wake up its even
powerpainter says: but thnx 4 the suggestion
stephen allan oat... says: or a fucken nightmare then you wake up in
the south of France lovely lady on your arm beautiful house lots of
money and you sell every painting you create before they have even been
completed Pablo Picasso
stephen allan oat... says: your even wearing a white suit like mine in
New York ha ha
powerpainter says: my world measures is double, one side sees me as
promising and the other thinks i have a nice hobby.... and to my
disfortune the latter have the power in my country... i would like to
start a revolution here , but nobody will follow, they re just too
coward and fed too well with luxury
powerpainter says: i have nothing to loose at the moment, only life but
i don't care....
powerpainter says: lose
powerpainter says: well i hope our next conversation will be more
powerpainter says: at the moment i am fed up being an artist, 20 years
of work down the drain..
powerpainter says: it feels like my studio burnt with everything in
stephen allan oat... says: indeed our conversation wil be my friend
powerpainter says: everybody possessing my work is happy with it ,
except me... who gave it... 100 % of my soul
stephen allan oat... says: that is all you can give 100%
powerpainter says: they only paid money for it and i had to spend it
quicker than it's earned...
stephen allan oat... says: paint on so you can sell more works
powerpainter says: first get out of my dip... have no peace in my heart
and thats a need
powerpainter says: to be able to do what i do
stephen allan oat... says: ok get some rest and dream in colour
powerpainter says: first get my base redone... see to get the hot
breath off my neck
powerpainter says: shed my skin, get rid of the misfortune that seems
following ne..
stephen allan oat... says: like a snake who shreds his skin
powerpainter says: be a good citizen, have a job for the good of all, a
thing i thouroughly doubt, but... have no choice but slavery
stephen allan oat... says: it will only be short term
powerpainter says: i thought that what i did was for the good of all...
stephen allan oat... says: it is
powerpainter says: now i doubt my existence
powerpainter says: need a shrink, i guess... i am tired walking circles
in my head..
stephen allan oat... says: do you know any you could talk to for free
powerpainter says: every fucking moment i feel like bursting into
tears, which off course i don't and my anger is so overwelming it eats
me from inside..
stephen allan oat... says: tie your pillow up or stand your mattress up
some where and punch the fuck out of it
[ stephen allan oat... says: release your anger
powerpainter says: i don't dare to it's too much....
stephen allan oat... says: then you try to sleep
powerpainter says: i feel stuck
powerpainter says: i read my book to diverse my attention...
hitchhikers guide to the galaxy...
powerpainter says: great book!
stephen allan oat... says: go for a walk or is it to cold
stephen allan oat... says: paint a self portrait of Marcus how he is
feeling now might help to escape into the paint
powerpainter says: well that wouldn't matter to me at all... but i
don't feel like it..hey steve thanx for your concern.... i need a rest
tommorrow will be better...
stephen allan oatw... says: take care talk soon
powerpainter says: i will... i won't give up...
powerpainter says: the final battle has begun!
stephen allan oatw... says: good i need you around to keep me inspired
like you did in new york we had a great time
powerpainter says: eah man... i planted my pix on PP again.... your
innit too have a look at the frontpage
stephen allan oatw... says: ok seeya man
powerpainter says: i go now, bye my far away art-bro!
powerpainter says: was good to talk to you...
powerpainter says: pity i don't see you..
stephen allan oatw... says: i hope to come to holland one day to visit
powerpainter says: EEEEj Steve O... you're allways welcome!!!

A Henious Art or Stop Laughing this is Serious

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Published on January 15th, 2007 @ 14:39:12 , using 848 words, 2201 views
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Allegedly, during therapy Steve Oatway described (Innocence,
2005), an installation comprised of twenty red paint splattered,
mostly dismembered baby dolls crammed into a large chicken-
wire fronted bird cage. Overseeing this assemblage was a 40cm
MR ‘T” doll complete with studded dog collar, black rat and
whip. The therapist told Steve that the whole thing seemed
heinous to him. Steve now had another way to describe his art.

The meanings, titles and conceptual base of Steve’s works are
fluid. He continually adds to or takes away sections from his
idiosyncratic constructions, changing titles to suit.
Steve, when he is not describing himself as “Australia’s greatest
living junk artist’ more modestly describes himself as an
‘Outsider Artist’.

A Dictionary definition of an Outsider artist is art made by artists
who are either not specifically training as such by defined
standards – is far too broad to be of much use. David Hansen’s
definition is far more helpful, art, ‘where formal properties of
perspective and proportion do not align with retinal reality.
Modelling is minimal, colours saturated…it is obsessive, motifs
are repeated over and over, either in a single work or across an

Sylvia Keinert’s essay ‘The Boundary Riders, the art of every
Day life.’ Has problems with the pigeonholing of artists within the
term Outsider, in particular ‘Dubuffets assertion that these are
the true artists of the world, he finds universal principles which link Art Brut
(and by implication Outsider Artists) with
Indigenous people and children their art is not cooked by
skilled pretentious of the academy, Kleinert asserts that in the
collapsing together indigenous art, child art and Art Brut,
Dubuffet does a disservice to all three, removing from them their
own specific contexts to appeal to natural and universal values of art.’

In conversation with Steve about these matters he says it
doesn’t concern him all that much, though if pushed he feels
that he identifies, in the way he works with Outsider Artists.
After seeing the Hollywood film ‘Pollock’ and noting the
statement of Pollock that he didn’t paint nature, he was nature,
Steve decided he wasn’t an artist, ‘I am Art’.
Steve’s heroes are Jean Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollock, Brett
Whiteley and Howard Arkley, all artists who lived on the edge
and dying tragically. Steve often quite convincingly imitates
their styles in his paintings.

Steve Oatway’s contradictory background includes, a long time
public servant, state boxing champion and promoter, an
ongoing battle with alcoholism and caring for a disabled son, all
of which inform his artwork.

In 2003, at the age of 42, Steve gave up his secure public service
job to ‘devote his life to art’, confront his demons, fulfil his
passions, his dream’ and characteristically, optimistically,
‘become rich and famous’.

His art is now all encompassing a part of his person, in body
piercings and tattoos, reflected in his often bizarre dress and
hairstyle, its in his behaviour and now its within the very structure
of his once very ordinary suburban home.

He makes good press, within a very short time has had
Numerous appearances on T.V. raido, local and state
newspapers, and he and his Time Machine 2002 were part of the
2003 SALA Festival Launch at the Adelaide railway station.
He sees his promotional personal as another aspect of his art.

In his video Arty Farty Back Yardy 2004, he appears as a cross
between the early Paul Hogan and Steve Irwin, but above all
Steve Oatway.
Aspects of Outsider art that occur in his work includes, rawness,
re-occurring religious symbols and words, and he has had no
formal training.

The words Redemption, Re-Incarnate and crucifixes appear as
body art and in his prolific paintings and sculptures. The Crypt
2003, was constructed by removing floorboards digging out a
clostraphobic cave beneath his bedroom, decorating it with OP-
shop figurines, kitsch religious icons and weird religious texts.
There is a sense of performance about most of his works.

Room 13 2004, was a second bedroom, it now has windows
blocked out with galvanized iron and contains a decrepit bath
complete with an array of industrial and domestic taps and
plumbing. An iron grid sits in putrid water within the bath which
is connected via electric cables to a switchboard complete with
voltage meters gauges and switches, all recalling a “B” Grade
horror movie set. Steve appears like a mad scientist, white coat,
welders goggles, ready to perform some dastardly deed.

Another room (once the lounge) contains the Time Machine 2002,
which is constructed from parts scavenged from rubbish found
alongside a railway line near his home.
This work also in not complete until Steve occupies the pilots
seat. The time machine has a logbook which details ‘journeys’
taken by the machine. Originally this work was created so that
Steve could go back in time and correct personal wrongs (real
and imagined) that he felt he had committed.

Throughout his work there is a self-depreciating, uncertain,
questioning Steve Oatway, revealed through undeniable humour
inherent in his artworks and persona.

Graham Kenefick

More Junk Art & Paintings & Annies adventures

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Well I have been out the back welding up some new junk art sculptures, also painting, working on my dolls, found a few dead birds in my yard while working so took some macro shots and framed them, having trouble uploading any images to my blog so hoping to be able to fix this problem and share my latest images with the world. Heard from Annie she arrived safely in Antartica and has been diving with the killer whales and seals today, wish I was there with her, she has 9 weeks left of her amazing journey to go. Will keep you posted to all of her adventures.

back to work for this old junkie art rocks.

checkout the latest opening night at Tortured Artist Show.

talk soon.

My Junk Art Movie on Youtube

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Check out my Arty Farty Backyardy Junk Art Show with Steve O on Youtube.

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