Reincarnating junk as art..

Junk Art Dolls bought to Life

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Go to these two links to see my latest dolls come to life in the Haunted House and see Mr T get married.

Student Junk Art Review

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Student Negotiated Topic #11

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

Exploring the minds and works of ‘Junk Artists,’ with special reference to Steve Oatway.

Key Items:

1. Methods and materials

2. Influences

3. Narrative imagery

4. Analysis of several artworks

SACE #: 197400 G

‘Trash,’ ‘junk’ or ‘scrap’ is a typical word one uses to describe their rubbish or unwanted items, thrown into junkyards and bins, never to be seen again. Despite the common concept of ‘throwing away’ personal property, which no longer has a use or meaning in the household, one may be surprised to see their ‘junk’ appearing as “Three-dimensional art made from junked materials, such as metal, glass, or wood,”[1] and sold for a few hundred dollars. ‘Junk art’ refers to the nature of artworks designed and compiled by the artists themselves; namely ‘Junk Artists’. This contemporary and alternative form of art has gone somewhat unnoticed, as it is not considered to be popular or recognised as a legitimate or acceptable art form (publicly). Having said this, it is interesting to note that it is distinct and peculiar to only a few artists in South Australia.

Stephen (Steve) Oatway is one artist who chose this path and in particular ‘Junk Art’. After working for 22 years with the Department of Defence, Oatway changed his vocation; stating “…a self portrait of me working for the Department of Defence (22 years) and wanting to be an artist. I guess it shows how I was feeling…so I decided to leave my job and live my dream. I was set free then.”[2]

Artists express themselves in different ways to convey stories or messages about themselves, their world political issues, or experiences. Narrative imagery has played a huge part in the role of ‘junk art’ in society, as it has added meaning and an air of purpose to the artworks exhibited. Some Australians who may be classified as ‘Junk Artists’ include Andrew Hull, Steve Oatway, John Dahlsen (who prefers to be known as an ‘Art Alchemist’), and the late Robert Klippel (who is better known as a sculptor although his artworks do present elements of ‘junk art’.

The materials used in pieces of artwork classified as ‘Junk Art’ can vary from metal scraps, sticks and wood, to mannequins, toys and the kitchen sink. “Off the street, paddocks, rubbish tips, scrap yards and many friends who give me their trash.”[3] Many artists who practice different forms of art including ‘Junk Artists’ are inspired by their surroundings, themselves and their lives. For example, an Oklahoma ‘Junk Artist,’ Jim Powers, has been inspired by his country lifestyle, creating a collection of artworks made by assembling the wheels and parts of junked motor vehicles and old carriages.

For Australia’s junk artist, Steve Oatway, art comes from intuition and inspiration. His sculptures are creative and unique, revealing the most unusual items usually foreign to most artworks. “The art picks me by intuition. Sometimes I might read or see or hear a global story and that will also inspire me to create a piece.”[4] According to Oatway, personal experiences can also be an influence. One of his artworks that reflect this statement is ‘Hangman’ (below). This is an unusual piece which conveys Oatway’s feelings towards his former job at the Department of Defence. “…how I was feeling, sitting at my desk, bored out of my brain and wanting to be an artist…” In this piece, he has used metal farm objects which have rusted. Although he has not had formal art training, he seems naturally talented in collecting and arranging items into different visual art forms.

The piece “Hangman” is made of old metal farm objects which have been compiled to show a sad looking figure which is hanging from a metal frame. The metal is tarnished and it is a 3-dimensional sculpture which shows the welding skills of the artist. Oatway uses the space around the sculpture to create an atmosphere that conveys a sense of melancholy and despair. It almost seems as though there is no life in the sculpture. Oatway has used metal forms to create the body parts and has produced a somewhat symmetrical piece which not only catches the eye but provokes thought as to the meaning of the work and why someone would assemble such a sculpture.

Based on my knowledge of this artist, I can interpret that this piece of work has evolved from memories of his past, i.e. his monotonous job at the Department of Defence. It seems to be Oatway’s emotional response to his former life, saying this is how he would have been spending the rest of his working life had he continued in the same job.

Personally, I think the artwork is successful in that it is an original work of art with meaning allowing it to be free for personal interpretation. I can see that someone with no knowledge of the artist would interpret it differently because of its imagery and the way the figure is presented. It could be seen as a ‘hanging’ with all the conjecture and implications this may bring.

A more professional and well known artist who has created many works using recycled materials is Robert Klippel. Klippel died on his 81st birthday in 2001 and was renowned as an “independent, somewhat solitary but relentlessly creative spirit.”[5] His influences developed from an early age when he started to make model boats and collages. By the end of World War One, Klippel was employed by the navy to make models of aircrafts to aid the recognition of planes.

In my quest to investigate specific sculptural forms of Robert Klippel and hoping to come across some examples of his lesser well known works, I was fortunate enough to make contact (via email) with a woman named Ms. Batten. Batten was involved in the planning and exhibiting of Robert Klippel’s works sometime after his death. Unfortunately, she could not answer my individual questions, but instead, sent me some useful websites, press releases and also some images of his works. This has helped me to understand more about Klippel’s methods and materials, as I now have access to images of his works which I could not previously find.

It has become apparent to me through my studies of Klippel’s work that he uses very linear and geometric-shaped objects to form the basis of his work, which, in turn, seem to evolve into a range of different artworks. I have also found that Klippel was quite keen on working with thin strands of metal combined with larger metal objects and sometimes plastic, to form his sculptures which he believed “must be revolutionized without the human form.”[6] Part of Klippel’s methods and materials are revealed in his sketches and watercolours. He used his preparatory studies frequently while in the process of creating a sculpture. Through his support work, he explored two-dimensional shapes and also investigated sculptural ideas.

As a method of working, Klippel was committed to ‘construction’ which impressed his fellow artists and friends, yet unfortunately did not appeal to the conformist post-war society he was living in. The following statement encapsulates the perception of many in the art world; “…Klippel’s particular vision, inspired by the intricacies and profusion of our natural and man-made environments and by this quest for a spiritually relevant form stands alone in the history of Australian art.”[7] One of Klippel’s most famous works: “Opus 247, metal construction,” “… is one of his signature pieces. The artist has transformed a disparate group of metal objects into a unified composition that is at once alien, and strangely familiar.”[8]

In my opinion, I believe that Klippel’s artworks are free to interpretation as they require no explanation for their meaning or purpose. Klippel has used his freedom of expression and spontaneity along with creativity and open-mindedness to produce an intriguing and intricate sculpture.

In this particular artwork, Klippel has created an original piece from welded and braised steel along with found objects and wood to compose a strange and alien sculpture which is freestanding and is abstract. However on closer inspection, it’s limb-like branches imply a living form. The title alludes to a musical composition sending us messages of a possibly dramatic piece.

“The sculpture…comprises IBM computer parts and other recycled elements…”[9] Klippel’s intentions at the time of creating this piece can be interpreted in many ways. My personal understanding of this artwork is that Klippel intended this form to be both life-like and powerful in its directional thrusts. As well as this, by using the metal parts of a computer, and drawing on my research findings on narrative imagery concerning ‘junk art’ forms, I can derive an attempt on the artist’s behalf to communicate a structured being in the form of a sculpture, and a developing, technologically-based society.

Although my interpretation of this figure is based on personal background and knowledge, this does not imply the real purpose or intention of Klippel’s sculptures, and in particular, the “Opus 247, metal construction.” More so, it reveals that Klippel’s artworks can appeal to different peoples, ages and genders and can in turn, be interpreted in a multitude of way by the audience.

Through both my personal contact with Steve Oatway as well as my extended research on Oatway and the late Robert Klippel, I have come to understand that a piece of ‘junk art’ is not just a compilation of found objects strung together with welding and wires, but in fact a visual form with artistic merit that has the ability to broaden our understanding of our world and times.

I have particularly been interested and influenced by Steve Oatway, as his information, reflections and creative pieces on his website opened my eyes to possible messages one may deduce from his and other ‘junk artists’’ works. Oatway’s poem of his life (refer to Appendix A) as well as the personal pictures, newspaper articles and idea; “I want to infect people with my passion for art, which in turn will awaken and inspire their creative spirit within to be set free,"[10] included in his website invite his audience to enter his personal life and reflect on his experiences. From this they can gain a much more comprehensive understanding of the origins of most of his work, ideas and designs.

“Sculpture is part of many everyday Australian places including streets, public squares, buildings, parks and gardens. Sculptors use materials such as stone, wood, metal, resin and plastics to create anything from small fine art objects to large-scale works that can become powerful landmarks.”[11] This statement released on the Australian Government website perfectly describes the features of ‘junk art’ and what the artists use to produce it. ‘Junk art’ is an important part of Australia’s lifestyle, as mentioned above because of the sheer nature of this form of art and the fact that no one piece of sculpture is ever the same. The website also mentions Robert Klippel as an important part of Australia’s art culture: “Robert Klippel used junk, such as metal wires, cogs, pulleys and other machine parts welded together with other found objects, to create his work.”[12] It would be wrong to state that Australia is famous for its sculpture or ‘junk art’, but it has become part of our culture to have these forms of art in public areas.

To conclude, although ‘junk artists’ have not made a huge impact on the world in a cultural context, they have had an impact on how we see and interpret sculpture. A strong example of this is evident when visiting Steven Oatway’s house which has become a showcase for his sculptures. Oatway’s artworks have attracted the interest of the public who otherwise would be oblivious of the creative and aesthetic elements of this form of art. I certainly have come to appreciate the value and importance of ‘junk’ sculpture and its place in the wider world of art.


Breach born 5am 1961
was this a sign of things to come
I think not
It's just God's way of showing I am going to be different
I slept all day
and stayed awake all night
much to my mother's delight
By the time I was 15 I learnt to fight
and fight I have
through Alcoholism, Asthma, a Broken Marriage and a Disabled son
who is my shining light
for without him I have no heart
He came into the world to show me love
and to not self destruct

My SON Beau did not know what love was till he came into my world.


Art while she is away

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Thought now that Annie is away for 10 weeks I should distract myself from the emptiness that I feel while Annie is not with me and concentrate on my art practice. Below a critic from my last exhibition in New York in September 06 the show was titled "Came To Believe"

A Near Religious Fervor Enlivens Monkdogz Group Show.

In opening: As its title suggests, the group show “Came to Believe” seen recently at Monkdogz Urban Art was a survey of strongly held convictions, verging on the spiritual, as in the Twelve Step slogan, “ I came to believe in a power greater than myself.” The implication here is that ART can be that higher power, offering the possibility of spiritual redemption.

By now, many of us are familiar with the strange little sculptures of Australian Junk Artist Steve Oatway. A staple of the Monkdogz stable from the gitgo, Oatway attacks sanctimony and piousness in all its forms with eerily extraterrestrial-looking baby dolls wearing big ostentatious crosses, and especially one already celebrated voo doo – like effigy of Osama Bin Laden with a toy fighter plane impaling his abdomen. A dead serious survivor of various personal travails, addictions and blessings in disguise, Oatway continues to fight the good fight with an installation simply called “composition”, in which his bloody Osama doll and two of his clerical figures are surrounded by an array of flags, plastic things that look like tied up bundles of dynamite sticks or electric vibrators, bottles of Heinz ketchup, and other artfully de arranged cultural artifacts that any future archeologists will surely savor in the wake of the coming apocalypse.

In closing Ed comments - An auspicious boot in the ass to kick off the new season, “Came To Believe” exemplified the winning combination of outsiderish passion and insiderish sophistication that we have come to expect from Monkdogz Urban Art at its best.


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Annie's recovery is taking a lot longer than we first expected so she has decided that she needs to get away from everything and take a trip on a P&O cruise ship for a few weeks. I went straight down to the travel agent and arranged everything for my Annie she set sail on Christmas day for a 10 week trip around Antarctica she feels the cool climate will assist with her menopause and hot sweats, and they serve lots of yoghurt on the ship which will assist with her thrush. I am missing her terribly and cry every day iam so sad. Iam hoping when she gets back that the marriage will take place very quickly, I have made all the arrangements so it will be a big surprise for her. Annie is so much fun when she is not sick and depressed I love her to Death.

I will be waiting at the Church for when she gets back.

Fallen Over

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Well we have had another little set back Annie has fallen over again and had to have surgery last week her appendics had to be removed and she spent two weeks in hospital to recover (told me she needed the rest while she could get it). I stayed there with her every night after I had been at her house and done the house work, watered the garden and as she did not like the hospital food I cooked her 3 meals plus deserts each day. She was reasonably happy with my efforts. I managed to go to work as well, i don't need much sleep a coupla hours a day does me fine. She got out yesterday and i picked her up and bought her back to my house the crypt to keep an eye over her it was soo good to have her home, i had the crypt house quarantined before she arrived and had my dog put in the doggy lodge for a few days as my Annie does not like the dog shitting everywhere. I set the spare room up for myself and Annie had the waterbed she said it hurt her back and asked if i could put some more water in the bladder, sure honey then just before she went to sleep she asked me if we could get foxtel connected because she had not seen Coronation street for two weeks, i said no problem honey will do it first thing in the morning before i make you a banquet for breakfast and take you down to get your nails and hair done I love her so much she makes my heart melt.

10 Weeks is Up

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Well the 6 weeks of the marriage preparation course is up, well we extended it a little it's now 10 weeks.

what a time we had it was just awesome I love her more now than I ever did.

Annie still has a few more things she needs me to do, I have completed the first round of tasks including getting Baptised, I lost the weight about 12 kg, got divorced, told her I would love her no matter what she looked like at sixty, seventy or even eighty. this made her almost happy, and now all I have to do is not dye my hair black when iam grey, never ask to drive her new car, don't sleep in the same bed as her as she told me she needed to sleep and my snoring and farting will keep her awake as she has a very very demanding Defence job and really needs her sleep, she also ask that I don't cook in her kitchen.

Iam very happy at these last few requests before getting married it's not much to ask of me and in my mind and heart she is perfect inside and out.

She has given me as much time as I need to complete the requests.

Iam very excited and so is Annie I can see it in her eyes, I think she will go ahead with the marriage, as I over heard her talking to a group of friends at her work that this week-end she is going to look at a wedding dress.

wow how very cool.
here is a photo of my Annie I can't show you her face because she wants to be a dentist, but I can tell you she has beautiful teeth to die for.

Marriage Preparation course

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I got to thinking after Annie asked me to do a 6 week marriage preparation course and all of the things she requested that I do before she would even consider marrying me, including no freebies, what the ?

I don't know anybody else that had to do that after talking to my friends I mean, I thought if you loved each other for better or worse you just get hitched yeah. But not my girl she is special I would do anything she asked me anyway because I love her so much that I can not live without her.

Just to show my love and commitment as requested by her, I got baptised on thursday at 9am almost drowned as they dunked me under I panicked because I can't swim and did the crocidile death role until the priest pulled me up by the hair and gave me mouth to mouth as I looked up there was my annie crying uncontrolably in joy and happiness.

I changed my wet clothes and put my white suit on and went to the court hearing today at 11.30am to settle on my divorce the judge signed off and now Iam single and free to marry my angle Annie.

She also asked that I lose some weight I rang Annies personal trainer and he agreed to help me over the next few weeks.

Lastly to love her when she gets fatter has wrinkles and loses her teeth there is no question in my mind that I have always loved her from the inside out so I think iam almost done with my end of the deal.

We have five and a half weeks left now of the six week preparation and Iam feeling good about my progress. I havent seen her now for nearly three weeks so missing her terribly. I bought her a gift today.

In closing for today it's my birthday on tuesday and annie is taking me out for a meal at a surprise resturant she is buying some new clothes for the occasion, and she bought a new shinny black car recently, so she will pick me up in that at my house then we will head off to the resturant iam hoping it's a seafood place, then from there i think she wants to take me for a drive to Melboune her favorite place and mine.

As I love the unfinished constructions and japanese culture ....

Two Weeks is Up

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Well I was busy at the crypt creating in the belly of the whale when my mobile rang it was the love of my life Annie. It has been 2 weeks since I proposed to her and I have been waiting with great anticipation, excitement, joy and happiness with a hint of shit what if she says no to my earlier marriage proposal ? I would be devastated. She said hello my immortal we need to catch up and have a chat I have something to tell you, well my heart went in my mouth and I almost had an asthma attack.

Sure pumpkin I said shall we go for a buffet, banquet all you can eat breakfast at our favorite eatery the chinese red dragon. We have our own booth we can talk there. I will stop creating straight away take a shower and meet you there in 1 hour. I was very excited.

I entered the door and Ling showed me to our booth, Annie was already there, wow she looked hot as a pancake with butter & cream. She was wearing my favorite see through white skirt with no knickers on, black sleevless top a silver locket with two pictures of me in it. I kissed her hello and we ate for what seemed hours, I said come on annie I need to know are you going to marry me ?

She said Stephen before we can get married we need to do a marriage preparation course which will take around 6 weeks. Why I asked, she explained that as she has been married 9 times that she wanted to be sure this time.

Ok pup I said what do we have to do then.

Well your part is you need to do certain things such as firstly get divorced, cut your drinking down, loose some weight, get a job, treat me with respect, promise to love me when Iam fat, wrinkled and have false teeth and get baptised. mmmm no problems there, anything else you would ask of me princess, yes, I have booked the first visit to the councellors for 29th August next week at 6pm can you pick me up and take me, sure button.

Annie I said lets have a toast to our promising future ahead of us I ordered 2 bottles of her favorite sparkling burgundy and we had a bottle each, she was a bit tipsy by then and asked our host to play her favorite song Dancing Queen by Abba she loves to tango to this song and so do I, we danced and sang long into the night, I left her asleep on the table as I had an early start that morning I wrote a note on the napkin that I loved her and will see her on the 29th.

It was a special speacial night ....

what do you like about me Annie

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Well as per previous blog Annie had the shits on with me, but has gotten over it now and come for a visit last night. Gee she looked hot as toast ....

thought that it was only fair that i asked her the same question that she asked me the other day, all but when i told her the truth she slapped me in the face and left in a huff.

Ok Annie i asked what are the three things you most like about me ?

she pondered for a few seconds and said well teddy (one of my many nicknames she has for me) I love your yellow stained gappy teeth, your acne face craters and your little boy heart. I said is there anything you would like to add mmm she said, i love your big belly, you have great guns, huge shoulders, your tattoos are awesome and you are a world class junk artist. It was at this point that I new Annie was the girl for me so i popped the question will you marry me and pulled out from my left white suit pocket an engagement ring that I had bought earlier from the local chemist gift shop, and slipped it on her finger. she just cried her heart out and said Emporuer Pong (another nickname) I am not sure if I can I need to be sure you are the one (as this would be her 9th marriage) and she needed to be sure this time. I said take all the time you need sweety, we can have a break for a coupla weeks then make a decsion, she hugged me and said ok my warrior. On that note I said lets go celebrate, so off we went to our regular eatery Macdonlds Mcafe for our usual a latte for her and a cuppacino for me and 6 assorted cakes. We didn't talk much just read the daily papers and stared into each others eyes with froth on our mouths and our bellies bulging from the cakes. It was now 2am and she new I had to get up early and create some new junk works, so we kissed in the carpark and as I drove off she waved goodbye. I can't wait to hear if she will accept my proposal.

SALA Festival

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Well the 2006 South Australian Living Arts Festival has just finished on Sunday for this year. I had the Junk Art-House open every day to the public for 2 weeks. As per usual It was very very successful I sold five million dollars worth of junk art, paintings, dolls and videos. This makes me the most successful artist in South Australia at the minute
Think I will take a short break to New York as I have my next group show at the Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery starting on Sept 7th to 30th Sept titled Came to Believe.

Name 3 things you like about me

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Annie came over last night and asked me a question what are 3 things you most like about me mmmm, i thought about it for a second and said well, you have strong legs, great teeth and i love your nipples, she lent over and slapped me in the face and said you just described me as a fuckin horse ? i said come on seabiscuit i don't no any horse who has great nipples, besides you do like to sleep standing up, and on that note she slammed the barn door and left ? well fuck me i said to myself. was i supposed to say you have a beautiful heart, your sexy and i love just who you are ? what is wrong with women today you tell the truth and they can't deal with it ? I mean i do love her she knows that.

New Metal Work

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Well I was taking some photos of my latest junk sculpture creation and fell of the porch and broke my ankle in two places, I have 6 screws and a metal plate inserted to hold it all together. Had to spend 4 days in hospital on morphine and other pain killers. Iam now getting around in a wheel chair with a plaster cast on. It's ok because my friend Annie is helping me out with pushing me around, sponge baths, cooking, cleaning, shopping and the odd country drive, she has been such a great friend. She would make some-one a great wife one day. Ok will add some images and blog on a little more often while iam laid up.

New York Art Review in the Gallery & Studio Edition by Ed McCormack

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Ok the review for the first Monkdogz International show is out it was spread over 3 pages long I would give the whole review a 10 out of 10. Here is what Ed said about my works.

Just as startling in another manner, the junk sculptures of Australian artist Steve Oatway project an eerie wax museum presence and address a host of unsettling notions. Oatway's most obvious statement is a sculpture of a blood-spattered Osama Bin Laden with a toy American fighter plane going through his chest and coming out his back. That the elongated figure of the tall terrorist leader, in his long white gown, calls to mind a tower enhances a kind of kneejerk tit for tat reaction that is undeniably catharic.
However, Oatway's strange little limbless figures in black clerical garb with babydoll heads and crosses hanging around their necks are more winningly weird and oddly affecting with their insipidly beatific expressions and big blue eyes, simultaneously suggesting the innocence of infants and the cunning sanctimoniousness of pedophile priests.

Ed also said in his closing comments that Monkdogz gallery made an auspicious debut and suggest a much needed shot in the arm for postmodern, postmovement art.

Thankyou to Monkdogz for inviting me to their first show it was outstanding.

Me and the Monkdogz galley owner
Doll sculpture

extended stay in NY

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G'day, well i have been here for 22 days and just extended my stay by 5 more days. I really dont want to leave, New York it sucks you in like a rat up a drain pipe. The energy, passion and excitement of the city keeps you here. I went to the bodies exhibition today, down at seaport, then to ground zero at night, that site was so sureal. My artwork here in NY is Osama Bin Laden with a plane through his guts. It really hit me in the heart how symbolic that piece of artwork is. My time here has been absoulutely awesome! If you have a dream my advice - live it as I am.

If I die tomorrow I wont die wondering.

Live the dream no regrets.

Thankyou to all who have helped me get here, I am in your debt.


Osama sculpture

Rockin New york

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G day my aussie friends well iam still in new york and this palce rocks been everyware man and done so much. the art here is just awesome i have seen all my idols works including jackson pollock andy warhol, jean michael basquiat, frances bacon, picasso is everyware, william de-kooning, van gough and many many more how exciting this dream is iam truly belssed.

New York City Monkdogz Urban Gallery Living in the Dream

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G Day from the big apple iam currently in new york city for my first international group exhibition at the Monkdogz urban Art gallery the opening was sensational 1000 + people attended through out the day. I would like to thank Bob Hogge and Mariana for the opportunity to exhibit my work in New York. this place rocks 24 hours a day, i have been here 20 days so far.

stay tuned for more updates as the dream unfolds.

Never stop dreaming.

Iam Back The JUNKMAN

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G Day well fuck me it's been 5 months since eye logged a blog why because I have been robbing from the rich to give to the poor in outback Australia see photo below.

Missing - Steve O

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Reward offered for the safe return of the world's most infamous Junk Artist the legendary Steve O. Will pay handsomely for any information that leads to the return of my beloved, last sighted at the Crypt with nothing on but his radio:)

If you have seen this rugged, crater eaten, plucked, buffed and bloated hunk, please contact Annie Rufus at anniegetyourgun@okcorral anytime.

Steve O, I'm missing you, so are your 6 children.

Been Awhile

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Well it's been awhile since I last blogged thats because I was pissed off as I lost a lot of my photos and had a huge amount of spam comments clogging up my blog comments.

What's been happening, well today is the last day of the SALA festival it has been a very good festival for me with my show titled "EVICTED" I have been evicted by my art and have been sleeping on the front lawn of my art house for 14 days (see photo below) it has been freezing cold and now have to go to hospital with pnemonia ?

Apart that I had a lot of publicity in the print media and also appeared on the ABC program Stateline.

(go to this link for a a full preview)

I had 112 people visit the Crypt and lots of interest in my Junk art all but no sales as yet.

Annie didn't want to sleep outside with me she is up her self. She is visiting me shortly so I better take the roast out of the oven. Then we are off to visit her best friend Queenie and her boy BEAU should be lots of fun. They are like sisters Beau and my girl Ky get on like brother and sister also.

Good to be back on line and will keep my blog diary upto date as i have lots to share.

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Time Machine

Well I have been missing in action for a few days. I woke up listening to the radio at 4am when I heard about the bombings in England I got dressed straight away went into my backyard fired up my Time Machine and off I went back in time.

I went back to just before the bombings to see if I could locate the offenders my radar zoomed in on a hot warehouse where my heat seeker equipment had picked up excessive heat coming from it. I landed on the roof of the old warehouse, I sneaked downstairs and there they were dressed in black balaclavas and dark uniforms I watched as they where preparing the weapons of mass destruction I was able to take photos then leave. I flew straight to 10 downing street and asked to talk to Tony Blair he agreed to see me as I said I know who the bombers are I showed him the photos and told him what I had seen.

He thanked me and within two hours the offenders had been arrested and taken to the interrogation quarters, DNA samples where taken which confirmed they were the killers.

My job was done. If only I had of gone into the future that week this would not have happened, Iam now on a mission to try and protect Australia I will travel regularly throughout Australia monitor any suspicious behavior and work with the Australian Defence Force of which I was a former employee with the Australian Army, as an explosives expert in the weapons testing unit, I also have Top Secret clearance and worked as the physical fitness instructor for the core.

Don’t worry Iam here to protect my country and all in it, you are in safe hands.

Brig Steve O

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